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Love this game genre! - Xaos - 22-08-2015


This game show a lot of promise. One of my favorite computer games of all time was the original Dungeon Keeper. There have been a lot of clones over the years, but all have failed to capture the fun, pace, and great mechanics of the original. I am very happy to see the way the developers here communicate with the community and we can see the evolution of Dwelvers as it happens.

Thank you for having me!

RE: - Mello Tonin - 22-08-2015

Glad to have you, and welcome! It's always hard to live up to a classic when it reaches cult status as the DK series did, but I've been here quite some time, and it's been a fun ride so far. Rasmus does definitely keep ties with us here, and it is one of the best features of Dwelvers in my opinion. That and we have a pretty good group of bug testers that keep him on his toes as the development advances. Tongue

RE: - Sebt - 22-08-2015

Me too! Big Grin

Welcome to our dungeons Xaos, hope you'll stay for a longer and join us in game development process. Smile

RE: - Rasmus - 23-08-2015

Welcome to the forum Xaos, I am happy to see that there are so many people loving the DK genre. Why I started on this game was because I loved both DK and The Settlers and that I found a potential in merging both of them. In DK I always wanted to mine other things than gold, and once the idea of adding coal and iron into the equation the whole production chain idea fell into place as you see in Dwelvers today Smile

RE: Love this game genre! - Xaos - 27-08-2015

Sorry I've been a forum whore lately. I've started taking notes on my Ipad as I play so anytime I see something odd or have an idea I jot it down. I have a lot of play time now and I really would like to see this game succeed. It has so much potential.

Thank you for your time.