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Fallout 4 - Xaos - 16-11-2015

This has become my new favorite game. Every time I play I find something new that changes the game in interesting ways.

Anyone else playing?

RE: - Mello Tonin - 16-11-2015

Nah, I decided to spend my gaming budget on Star Wars Battlefront. Can't wait till tomorrow to play.

RE: - Rasmus - 16-11-2015

It looks really cool, I would love to play it Big Grin If had time that is Wink

RE: - simrobert2001 - 17-11-2015

I look at it through the store window. Damn, I want the pip boy version SO badly...

RE: - Mello Tonin - 17-11-2015

Well I'll tell ya you're not missing anything with Battlefront. I spent an hour and a half playing this morning, got bored, and got a refund. Enemy AI is ridiculously predictable, FPS aspect is clunky and basic, and just...meh. The only thing I liked about it were the graphics, and how fast I got a refund. Hopefully Fallout 4 plays out better.

RE: Fallout 4 - gamefreak701 - 21-11-2015

Yes! This is my vacation week and have been playing Fallout every day. Good game with lots of content. The building of settlements feels very similar to Rust.

RE: - Mello Tonin - 23-11-2015

Nice I may have to check it out