Not solved yet 0.9f-3 - Bats Flock to Portals
In version 0.10 I encountered a flock of bats stock in one in completely random(?) place like here:

[Image: 11ucn45.jpg]

or there (all of them flies in one place, even that orphan on the left):

[Image: rhlqpi.jpg]

I'm not sure what attracted them to these places. First screenshot shows a place where there was lava before on lowest level (I had need to place the highest amount of rock blocks to remove the lava from this tile), the second one may have contained a treasure box. I also saw once 2-3 bats flying in one place together somewhere near my newly discovered area. It seems our digging influence their behaviour somehow.

Moreover bats seems to change place each time when I discover a way to new portal to the surface world and goes to that portal. All of bats that could reach earlier my dungeon goes together to that newly discovered portal and stays there until I dig out to another new portal (I've tried even to move them by placing blocks on them, but they only have been moved by collision altogether to another free place. Take a look on the first picture and than when I've dug out to the portal nearby they were starting to fly to that portal). Saving and loading the game doesn't fix that issue:

[Image: 2vlsh8k.jpg]

and than stops at newly discovered portal:

[Image: 339ujaf.jpg]


I found that bats change their position each time I discover any new area like Impanzee room, Cyclotaur maze or even small cavern near water. That mean that each new area is discovered or made (like I made earth blocks on lava).

I attach some pictures that will show how that process were going:

Just dug out to small space behind the wall and later to the small Impanzee Room. Bats stayed there for a while until I dug out into the another walkable empty area:

[Image: 2h7hxxx.jpg]

Immediately after I destroyed the maze entrance door bats started to fly into the Maze's west side and have stopped there in one place:

[Image: 2805t9j.jpg]

Bats in Maze after I discovered another new Impanzee Room (maybe the were blocked in this place because of that old bug that was blocking creatures at walls i Cyclotaur Maze?):

[Image: 2072fqr.jpg]

Bats left the portal, however some of them were still flying there where the rest of bast changed their position.

[Image: 21oxxkj.jpg]

Bats flew to the newly discovered Impanzee Room:

[Image: jz6wle.jpg]

Bats went to the maze again because I discovered it's central area previously hidden behind the door:

[Image: 261gksx.jpg]

Bats that previously was occupying Portal now gone (now they are in the Maze like it is shown in the picture above):

[Image: jb7952.jpg]

Bats found their favourite spot to settle:

[Image: xnu5wo.jpg]

Bats are also no longer in newly discovered Impanzee Room:

[Image: 34fe9z8.jpg]

As you can see something attracts them to these places.
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