Feedback/Modification I & S - Small modification of current Trading system and Trade Menu in one window
I have some issues with the actual trading map and these are:
- world map - it's suggesting there are more dungeons/regions we could visit, but it doesn't true. Also how could I know whom am I trading with?;
- to set a trade route I need to find a portal first to be able to set a trade route and switch between portal and trade menu;
- if I unlocked portal and set a trade route there why I can't see an Imp going though this portal on surface world?
- trading is quite easy and gives a really big advantage to a player without the need to push one into the depths of the map.

Instead of having trade points on world map what would you say about to have a real Marketplace / Trade Posts?

Market places / Trade Posts could be placed in surface world...
[Image: Bld0003.jpg]

...but some of them could be placed in dungeons (these could have different items than surface ones).
[Image: trading_post__m13__by_adampaquette-d6i1lys.jpg]

1. How would that work?
Randomly generated Marketplace / Trade Posts when claimed gives the player list of randomly generated trade routes available to set to this building, sometimes one could give a trade route which trades Wood --> Stone, but sometimes a trade route in which Wood is exchanged for Bread or something that even couldn't be obtained through normal production means. Sometimes Marketplace / Trade Posts could have 1 sometimes even 2 trade routes available.

2. What will the new trade menu look like and the whole trade process? See below on this very simplified image:

[Image: 2diokmw.jpg]

As you can see almost the same as now (that blue bar is a progress), however without need to click on Portals, all is in one Trade Menu menu. To zoom to any of Trade Post click on it's picture.

Each of these Trade Routes displays in the same way trade routes are displaying in actual trading menu. Adding orders works like before - just click once to trade for 1 unit, than again for second unit, holding shift will fill up the whole 1 cart.

3. This time Imps can be visible on the map and will go to the Marketplace / Trade Post that is located on surface in normal means, so they could be attacked during their way. I advise to put some traps or guard room to protect your trade route.

4. How to connect a cart with Marketplace / Trade Post? If we could link dungeon room with surface room that could work great. Than thanks to this we could be sure that only from this room carts would go to make a deal with chosen and not other Marketplace / Trade Post

What do you think?

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