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Huh, I made typo, there should be "shouldn't be spawned" instead of "should be spawned", that is corrected, sorry for the confusion. Big Grin

BTW, what you said there:
(10-02-2018, 06:51 PM)Mello Tonin Wrote: So it doesn't break anything in an extreme way, but players that don't follow the script may miss the Farm Land Gate creation if they dig out the map prior to the scenario calling for it.

I can confirm this. I tried to check if something will bug out if I dig two tiles before they should be dug out when game objective would be to some tiles to make space for a Bedroom and what I got was two objectives: One to build a door in Farmland Fence and second was to dig out tiles for Bedroom.

I think objective for Bedroom should appear after you make door in Farmland regardless tiles that were dug out earlier in place where Bedroom should be built, right? I think that's easy to fix, just some variable that counts tiles could be used, so if all tiles for Bedroom were dug out (tiles=0) before Bedroom objective appears than it should skip objective to dug tiles and show to objective to build Bedroom straight away.

Also if some tiles were dug out earlier, but still are present to bi dug, than objective about to dig tiles to make space for Bedroom could mark on yellow only those that left.
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