Here's a great video about EA
Quote:the development team is committed to putting out quality code, or they are quick to respond to correcting bugs.

Unlike EA, which has a bug they've never even bothered to attempt to send out a fix for in The Sims 3, which my sister has complained about in abundance until she got a community mod that fixed that bug. The disgusting thing is that was done by a paying customer who had to do EAs job for them and fix a bug that EA wouldn't bother to fix just to make the game playable.

OTOH, there may have been a patch in one of the expansion packs that fixed that bug, but to get it you'd have buy the expansion pack that fixes the game that doesn't work that you've already bought.

I've completely lost all interest in buying any EA product since the butchery they did on Sim City 2013, or more accurately called Sim Village if-the-servers-are-working-and-if-not-Sim-Failure-To-Connect. Of course, the servers were not working way more often then they were. Glad I found out about that before I bought that garbage that's a mockery to the Sim City franchise and probably marks the demise of it, and quite possibly of Maxis as well. Another EA bought game lab casualty of EA within the next 3-5 years perhaps?

I'd give Bioware, about 2-3 years at most before it's gone, EAs thoroughly demolished any goodwill Bioware once had.

Those are some very good reasons to give more of a look at indie game devs as they often are gamers who enjoy playing games and want to make money making games people will love and take pride in their work. These are the sort of people who do great work, and if it does end up substandard, are quick to fix it and [Image: 9780002008136.jpg].
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