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If you press Alt+V you get 3x game speed, but it would be nice to decide before the game even starts, what game speed you would like, because i would like something a bit faster then the current speed of the game, without 3x. Its just not fast enough! (some where around 2x normal speed would fit great)
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Huh, the game is not fast enough for you? I can not complain about the speed, maybe it's my age:-)
Ok everyone has their preferences...

I think a solution for the players they need more speed is a ingame option like this:
[Image: 19-07-201408-23-4871be9.jpg]

In addition, I think its needed also a pause function in the game.

So can each player choose how he wants to play
If we would be able to set game speed before it starts globally - so in Options to have that speed set on every map from the start, that would be OK.

Topper what you mean by pause? You mean completely stop every processes in the game or that stops everything, but you can for example set a flag somewhere or built a room, but only after unpausing the game these processes would be realized?

Also I'm little against being able to set game speed - it's often ruins the entertainment, but the most hard thing is whole speeding up the game is that... in multiplayer each player would have to have game speed set on the same level.

Maybe game could be faster, but maybe leave sppeding up everything for abilities/spells/bonuses that raise that accelerates targets?
Well something that surely should be quicken is fighting, ATM it looks quite unnaturally slow.
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In multiplayer this idea won't work (unless all sides decides on a specific gamespeed from start).
For single player this is something I could implement. The game will only get harder if the player increase the speed. I am against slowing down the speed.

Well if this gets implemented I would probably add it into the options menu with a slider bar and shortcuts like ALT- and ALT+.
(19-07-2014, 10:30 AM)Sebt Wrote: Topper what you mean by pause? You mean completely stop every processes in the game or that stops everything, but you can for example set a flag somewhere or built a room, but only after unpausing the game these processes would be realized?

I like both possibility and of course this works only in singleplayer

My suggestion are so i can pause the game and can move with the camera. Everyting is paused an i can possible think about tactics or my thoughts to make a construction or so.

The other option would be to pause everything and you set the works for the imps or processes, how do you say it

One would have to see what others think of them
The only thing I am worried about when making that option is that the player will use it as a cheating option when playing. Okay, so lets say that this could be a option when starting the game, the player starts the game and will have the options.
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And another option to enable pause in game play or not. The thing is that I don't want the player to start a level on Hard without the pause option and then change his mind mid-way through.
The solution for your "fear" are easy.
You can change the difficulty only before you start the level.

During the level you can't change this and if you overestimate yourself, your ass will be kicked!!Tongue
I don't mind having a pause option that locks the screen in place which is the way most games handle it. Right now accessing the Menu is pause enough for me, but it couldn't hurt to tie the Pause keyboard key to a pause option.

I like the game speed option, but right now having the Alt+V option is really useful as I usually have the game running at a fast pace, but then slow it down prior to enemy encounters for instance. As far as not being able to adjust it in Multiplayer mode, I don't see that as an impossibility. The person who initiates the game could choose the pace and like most games sets the other options for the game. If it is needed to change the pace, then they could open the menu to adjust it, and this would prompt on all screens 'Host wants to set the speed to X, Accept/Deny'. This way it could be adjusted if needed, but then would require a group consensus.
Okay, I have implemented this idea into the game now. The player can simply press + or - to increase / decrease the gamespeed, the gamespeed can be in a range between x(0 - 9). Gamespeed x0 will only be available if the player enables the paus option when creating a new level.
Awesome! Yur da man!
This feature has now been implemented Smile

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