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I really don't mind having F1 as the menu key, but definitely allow the Esc key to back out or cancel anything that needs those operations. I can't count how many times I hit the Esc key to do just that out of habit from other games.
(24-07-2014, 11:13 AM)Sebt Wrote: Usually F2 is for quick save, F3 for quick load the game
This is a big NO-NO on most games. You should never put the quick-save nowhere near the quick-load, because accidents are prone to happen and you may overwrite a savefile you wanted to load instead.

Most games I've played lately tend to separate them while still being accessible, by using F5 and F9. They are easily reachable by being the first ones of it's group while being far enough so accidents are non-existent. With this in mind, F10 as the games menu could be dangerous to have around the quickload. If you where to simply pause the game by opening the menu because you got a phone call, have to pee or a raid of orcs invade your house to steal your beer, you need to quickly and automatically open the menu without even looking at the keyboard. And that's what ESC is for; an isolated key you can instinctively reach really fast without risk of pressing anything else.

Either way, the optimum way to solve this would be giving the player the possibility to bind the keys to his own preference.
That is a good point regarding the F2 and F3 keys. Being able to modify the F key's bindings would be cool.
Back to this topic I suggest to have these keys:
Esc - return, back, exit from menu(s),
F10 - Main menu,
F2 - Help/Wiki/Tips (F1 is too close to escape button - especially on laptops, IMO F1 shouldn't be a menu),
Ctrl + S - Quick save or opens save states window.
Ctrl + L - Quick load or opens load states window.

We will have dozens of shortcuts, so I prefer to use:
- Fn keys (where n is a number) to open different menus like trade menu, equipment menu, whatever we invent,
- Letter shortcuts will be needed to for example jump to room shortcut is assigned to or something like that,
- Alt is usually used to write special mark and I prefer to avoid using it,
- Ctrl is common for shortcuts that activates certain action which you may not want to activate if don't need.
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I would also like the "Esc" button to first cancel then open menu, its what im used to in other games.
I agree with the general consensus here. Most games I'm used to playing use the ESC key to open the main menu. I constantly find myself hitting that key and wondering why nothing happens. I didn't even know about the F1 key opening the menus, nothing anywhere says what the key shortcuts are. I only know that in older versions of Dwelvers, the ESC key did open menus, but since the 0.7x line, that stopped working.

I'd prefer to stick with the generally accepted conventions for default key-bindings, as that's what the majority will be looking for and will be annoyed if Dwelvers does not follow the standards here. Those that prefer their own key-bindings should have an item in the options menu to reconfigure the key-bindings to whatever they want. Usually, when I encounter a game with nonstandard or clumsy defaults but does have an editor, I'll end up using that to create a more organic set of bindings or a more standardized set.

Using CNTL+l/CNTL+s for quick load/quick save is an excellent idea, I agree with Excess on this one, I've had some very frustrating issues with accidents of just this nature when the load, save and menu keys are adjacent to each other, the risk of losing something due to hitting the wrong key is just too much for that to work, but CNTL combos solves this as 2 keys far from each other on the keyboard much be used in this case.

As for F1 to open the menu, that's going to be a problem for most gamers as that's the standard "Help" key. people will press that expecting to get help text only to have the menu open, just like they will hit the Esc key expecting a menu only to get nothing happen. I'd estimate that about 95-99% of all games I play use the Esc key to open the main menu/pause the game.
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I have seen some games using F10 as well. But I will keep both options available, I think that is for the best.
Which both options? F10 is far away from any other shortcuts, F1 is close to escape (think about keyboards that has all keys sticking together). Escape should be either for canceling, escaping things or launching menu, if would cancel things and open menu for people who click escape more then one (I.e. there are 2-3 things that player want to cancel/escape from) could open menu too by mistake not once, that could be annoying. One option and ability to customize key mappings will be the most efficient way of setting shortcuts, I gave my proposition for that.
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