Brainstorm I & S - Timer
Just another thought:

If this (Different game speed options) is getting a thing, can we get something like a timer?
1. I think it is nice to know, how long you spent on a level.
2. You could controll your status. Say there is a time based encounter with the new AI, you should be able to know how much time is left for you to prepare.
3. Could be a cheat option too.
This makes me think of all the times I used /played on WoW. Adding console commands in general would be fun, but I'm definitely keen on seeing how long I've played a dungeon. Adding time based encounters would be cool too in Campaign Mode. I think that is really a staple of most RTS games, and would be nice to see here. Not sure how that would work in Sandbox Mode. I don't think it would be that fun to know that in so many minutesConfusedeconds I will be attacked. Kinda takes away the surprise of being invaded and not properly prepared for it. I need my adrenaline fix...
Agreed! I will make some various "current game info" in the top right corner of the menu.

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