Brainstorm Creature Mechanic - Creature Production 2.0
Thanks for the welcome!

This system would not replace your idea about spawning creatures from rooms with a timer. You could go the entire game without building it and it would not change the game play. It would be something you could build if you wanted the ability to convert resources to units.

Say we call the room the Altar. When built, it would have a timer like all other rooms to create a unit we could call a Shaman. But it would only allow you to have one Shaman in the game. When made, that Shaman would be able to create a creature, say a Zombie, for a fee of resources. It could either spawn from the Dark Mother, or from the room itself. The fee of resources would increase on each summon. The other thought was that it could create orcs and dark dwarves and such but only after one had been sacrificed and a special table had been created in the Altar.

On low resources levels, it wouldn't be as useful but could help a rushing strategy. On resource heavy levels, it would allow a stockpiling of resources and the room could be a measure to boost an attack or defence late game.

It's kind of like the system that is in Alpha 7 where you feed Dark Mother and she produces units. It just offloads it from a core mechanic to an optional game tactic. If you are switching to the timer idea, it would allow multiple strategies based on what the map has available. I like the timer idea to be honest. It's different from most games and that would make it special to this one. When thinking about an RTS, you get accustomed to gathering resources, producing units, and rebuilding them once they're gone. Making them timed means the units are more precious and deeper strategy would be required, giving the game greater depth and better replay value.

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Welcome to the group, my most favorite steak! I like the ideas you have to augment the creature production especially because it incorporates the spawn timer, but also certain pinnacle creatures, like the shaman you suggested, could in turn summon lesser creatures through some sort of ritual or sacrifice.

To expand on that idea, you could even say that the timer would be relative to the room. So a 3x3 'Altar Room' would take longer to generate 'Shamans' than a 5x5 room. Also, depending on what room effects you have, the timer could be shorter. So say again the 'Altar Room' if you had a 5x5 room that included a 'Sacrificial Table', 'Incense', and 'Shrunken Heads', that would produce faster than just a 5x5 'Altar Room' that was just an empty room. This would really tie into the whole idea of building a dungeon in such a way to focus on efficiency and to attract more of one creature than another given the circumstances and units needed to beat the map.
Certainly a good idea Mello. The larger the room the faster the production. Or even one altar is needed for every x number troops. So you would need to plan ahead to ensure you could expand as necessary for more units.
Yeah, Mellos idea is good. Right now I have it so that if the player feed a creature to the DM this creature type will get a timer production boost. So this could be applied to items as well I imagine.

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