Feedback/Modification I & S - Hover Tooltips
There are a few already in the construction window for metalworking, but what I am suggesting is for the general item menu mainly; others where needed.

In the item menu that you can see your resources, it would be nice when you hover your mouse over the resource and see at least the name of the resource that the curser is over.

It is where it would be most useful, especially when learning what each item represents. Good for beginners I think.

Also if needed later; the ability in options to turn tooltips on/off; if desired. Of course what would go into that I am usure of beyond the misc name info ones.

I hope I was clear enough, and thank you for reading. Smile
Yeea, that is something that many users found it very needful to see name of resources and other items, we have discussed few times about them, but it had never been posted as single suggestion, thanks for doing that. Big Grin
Added to Ideas & Game Features list andf gave you +2 points. Smile
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no problem, it was just something that occurred to me while I was playing; and seemed it would be useful. The more info within reason the user has the more likely they can run a dungeon well, or at least not get wiped out in the beginning like I almost did in my last run. lol

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