Feedback/Modification Item Mechanics - Tiered Trade.
I have seen a couple of threads about lack of 1 resource or another. I think the Trade option could work better to fix this.

Since self genterated resources (Flour, Water, Bread and Beer) are the easiest to attain they should be included in the 1st set or options, to be traded for the 2nd set or obtainable resources (Stone, Wood, Coal, Leather and Bones) these can then be traded for Tier 3 (Iron and Gold) and they, in turn, traded for items. (possibly Items traded back for other resources)

Capturing Trade points unlocks Tiers, giving more Trade options that scale with need.
We chose to unlock more diverse and more unique items by making further our trade routes instead of gathering points that means nothing. However same idea about trading items from the most common to rare sounds good. Actually it's implemented now somehow, but division on actual "renewable" items traded for items gathered with excavations which could be traded for more and more rare sounds more organized and intuitive.

Possible that in future depending on spiecies of - let's call it - "factions" you encounter on trading posts would determine what kind of items you could obtain, in what quantity for how much, for what (maybe some would need even wood more for leather where other specie would never give leather for wood, etc.) and maybe having good reputation in such factions could give more possibilities? I don't know, trading is something that surely will be developing for a long time and all ideas are welcomed. Smile

Added to Ideas & Game Features list. Changed also the thread name to more specific, prefix Feedback/Modification already tells about that you suggest modification to already existing feature. Hope you don't mind!
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Trading is definitely going to be a point of contention. I think the base for this is solid, but the mechanics definitely need some modification. I have seen (and I'm sorry if I don't give credit where credit is due) where it was suggested that there should be some difference between maps as far as the trade routes and the resources, plus how much they are worth to the region. Hopefully this will be applied to the campaign mode with different regions giving different resources for the supplied resource of your dungeon as well as having to defend your claim to that trading post to continue to reap the reward of trading to the region.

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