Solved & Confirmed 0.8j-2 - Some walls don't fit with each other
(17-02-2015, 07:31 PM)UfoL Wrote: I noticed that some walls are not always fit to each other. Especially reinforced and normal on top layer. It may be connected to new wall models. And what we see is related to seams visible i places where meshes do not fit point to point.

Just guessing
I wanted to somehow check if this bug is solved, but I don't understand how some walls were not always fitting to each other. I know that by reinforcing top layer wall game also reinforces all walls below the same tile, however they look different which you can notice even when you enter main menu and look at the background.
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Well, I know this issue is solved. It was an issue in the earlier version where you could see a bumpy line between reinforced walls and rock walls even if they had the same texture.

This one is solved and confirmed by me Smile

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