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Feedback/Modification Construction Mechanic - Stairs and climbing
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Construction Mechanic - Stairs and climbing
Just a simple change here. Since i started playing one thing was bugging me. Stair and climbing mechanics. Now creatures climb up, but there is still issue with stairs - they are actually almmost useless, and there is rarely need to build them (except as decoration).

I think that they could be modified to present real logistic improvement to the dungeon. Creatures now climb blocks quite fast - i think that they could climb up a bit slower over an obstacle almost two times higher than them (ladders climb speed should remain as it is). In return however, building stairs would let creatures reach different heights at the same pace as if it was on the same level - just walk on them, without slowing down to climb. A the same time it would be nice to see creatures actually walk ON the stars, not just walking straight trough them, and then climb up the wall behind stairs as it is now.
Once stairs would function as i described it could make important difference for pathfinding, where the shortest way is not always the fastest one. Also during battles some injuried creatures will have to choose if the want to run away slowly climbing or try to reach stairs and dont loose precious distance between chasing opponent. Some fast creatures would benefit greatly when there is no stairs around and be able to perform hit 'n run tactics, slow ones (knights/piggehs etc) would prefer routes with stairs/slopes, thus making stairs some kind of chokepoints woth placing traps and defences nearby.

If above would be considered worth implementing, then i think it would make sense to add one thing to level generator. Slopes - it would be actually the same as stairs, but generated on unclaimed land and with more "earthy" look. Once tile is claimed it becomes regular playerowned stairs.

Another thing i would modify is stairs placement or rather orientation. It would actually be pure aesthetic change. What i think of to enable stairs orientation while placing bueprint. If you just click, then it will behave, just like it is now. But if you click and drag direction which you wish stairs to face, then their original alignment would be overriden and set as player wishes to. Another way to implement that would be rotation too we already have in game - using it on already build stairs would enable player to reorient stairs as he wishes to.
We (at least i do) sometimes want our stairs to be built without corners, or don't want them to stick to every adjacent wall. With this modification it would enable players (at leas those who care much about aesthetic aspect of their dungeon) to shape stairs as they wish regardles of environment, and build some eyecandy constructions.

I also noticed that you can actually build stair over already built room, so it would be cool if stairs change depending in where was built. I understand that making separate models and textures for stairs in each room would need too much worktime, but maybe just some color adjustment (just one parameter) would be enough, or the same texture as the floor they are on. If stairs change their colour or texture to match colours of room they are in, they would seem much more in place and elegant, coz sometimes they can just hurt your eyes.

I understand that last two have minor influence on the gamplay, but the first would bring some more to the game. What do you think?
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09-03-2015 11:57 AM
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I agree with the fact that stairs really don't provide anything to the game at the moment, and really they aren't even great for the aesthetics either. Like you I think they should shorten the path since creatures should have almost an incline vs climbing up the wall when stairs are there. Also, they need to be redone in such a way that they line up so it looks as if they fit the tile instead of leaving a gap. Being able to remove/add a corner orientation depending on what you wanted for the design would be nice as you mentioned.

I don't think you should be able to build them on room tiles tho. I think that is a bug.
09-03-2015 05:30 PM
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Hmm, I agree, the stairs should lift the creatures in a incline and thereby make the climbing quicker. I will look into it!
12-03-2015 09:50 PM
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