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Currently when you put down the Rally Flag, all your creatures come towards it. As soon as they get aggroed by an enemy, they ignore the flag to fight the enemy and afterwards keep walking to the Rally Flag. Its like a common attack-move used in many other games.

What if you make it so that creatures go to the Rally Flag first, before doing anything else? Only when they reach the Rally Flag they start spreading and pick a target.

Not specified...

Highlight: Creatures goes to the Rally Flag first, before doing anything else.
What is the modification regarding to?: Rally Flag.
Function: Stops creatures getting stuck in tight spaces if the Rally Flag is placed at the right spot and would bring a risk/reward for the player; The creatures can get hit by enemies or walk in traps while going to the Rally Flag and it feels like having more control of your army.

In addition, this would benefit big battles, which are fun to experience.

Edit: It also allows to regroup in the middle of a battle or to pull your army back completely and fall back on your traps, for example.

Added to Ideas & Game Features list.

Rasmus will change whole priority system, so there won't be issues with Rally Flags anymore like that. Smile

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