Solved & Confirmed 0.8k-2 - Fog of War on Walls
The "fog clearing" works like a staircase right now.
If the (I) is the imp, then he can watch up blocks like this and clean the fog.
............| <- No fog

........_____| <- Fog

In the screenshot you showed Mello, is it a wall straight behind and over where the imp is? Or is it like a corridor? Because if it is like a corridor it is not a bug, it is just the current algorithm that is a little misleading.

Either way, back to being unsolved!
I'll do some more testing with this one. I'll come across many opportunities while doing some mass excavations so I'll keep what you said in mind.
Hmm, if you find a fog abnormality I believe it could be included with a save game Smile
Was it possible to make it reproducible with savegames Mello?
Sorry I've been a bit occupied, but I will check this out later this evening and let you know.


So yeah, I took much longer to get around to this than I wanted to. Here is my save game for this. Below is a point of reference:

[Image: 23EeU.jpg]

And this is what I was trying to describe. Essentially you see that the fog will stay on the wall behind where you are digging until the tiles you're digging drop to a certain point then it clears.

[Image: 23EeV.jpg]
Actually this is intended, if the imps were farther back they would be able to see above the edge. This gif should explain how it is working now.


But perhaps this is not the best system. Maybe we should make it so that when the FOW "pathfinds" it don't care about heights at all as long as it isn't at the highest attitude? What do you think?

I put this one in more reports needed for now.
I see what you mean with the animation there. So it seems this is by design instead of a bug. It just seems that if I'm removing a wall that I can already see vertically, then I would expect to see the wall behind it without it being obscured in any way. Perhaps instead of this being marked as 'More Reports Needed' it should go under the 'Feedback/Modification' category.
Well, I wanted to get it confirmed first so that I didn't misunderstood you. As this topic is so long and because some bugsolving has been done in it I will set it as solved and confirmed and make a new topic in the Suggestions/Feedback.

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