Solved & Confirmed 0.9d - Cave-in Resources Float on Water
Not sure I would call this a bug it's more of an issue. It just looks really weird to have resources floating in the air over water. They should sink or be pushed to nearest neighboring tile.

[Image: Zzi1.jpg]
I believe the whole issue with resources floating around on water needs to be fixed once and for all. I agree, the question is if I am going to let them sink to the bottom or move towards the shore. What do you all think?

Added to the list of Bugs/Issues & Crashes!
I'm for sink to the bottom personally. This is what would happen in a real world cave-in.
Solved with the next version!

If there are a shore right by the resources will get teleported to that shore. If there are no available shore next by then the items will sink to the bottom. If a bridge is built upon that location the resources will float back up upon the bridge.
Dwelvers 0.9e released, this bug is solved but need confirmation Smile
This one has been fixed.
Thank you Smile

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