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Read before posting! Bugs/Issues & Crashes - Alpha 0.10 - Attach your save file/image/video to report!
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Bugs/Issues & Crashes - Alpha 0.10 - Attach your save file/image/video to report!
[Image: 2vv29w9.jpg]
Smile Found in Alpha v0.10 Smile

※ Please do not mix bugs reports with feedbacks/ideas/suggestions, to post one of them please go to Suggestions & Feedbacks forum.
※ Every new bug reported should have its own, separated thread on this forum, please don't report them in this thread.

Remember that this a very early Alpha version, and therefore there are some issues and incomplete stuff in the game at the moment.

Current version: 0.9-2

More reports needed Huh
※ Issues that may be related to only one person, impossible to reproduce. There's need to confirm them by others to change reported here issues status.

Not solved yet Exclamation
※ Every unsolved bug/issue or crash that will be solved in next game version.
  • v0.10 - Dwelvers crash - Screen Settings news feed text Failed!
  • v0.10 Squad Flag Bug - When you generate a squad with your minions the hotkey for that squad will then be linked to that key. Meaning that using that hotkey with the intent to build something will simply select that squad flag.
  • 0.10 - Only 3 portals, attack waves stopped - Time left until next wave (7 / 12): 00:00 (no change, no new waves anymore)
  • 0.10 Assert failed Source\GameLevelWork.cpp:1093 - Actions before crash: not specific, moving view by mouse border movements, stopping starting time (-,+), creating rock tile.
  • 0.10 - Mice are a Production Item - So first off I really like the aesthetic look of being able to place a Mouse Trap on a room tile, but I noticed that when it's done in a Cookery Mice are showing up in production.
  • 0.10 - Really Hot Lava - This doesn't affect the room tile itself, but the construction that is on it will burn if it is directly beside a lava tile.
  • 0.10 - Enemy Wave Shows Through Fog - Whenever a wave is released from the portal, they are visible on the minimap through the fog.
  • 0.10 - Mouse Trap Rotation - When you have a trap placed as in the top image, even though it looks like it's accessible, since it is rotated the wrong way you can't load the trap.
  • 0.10 - Rally Flag Hang Ups - I haven't figured out the exact cause of this, but I think that it has to do with the limit creatures will fight away from the flag. When the flag is far away from the enemies it is causing the effect I believe.
  • 0.9g-2 - Incomplete Building Projects - For some reason constructions don't always get finished before the worker leaves to go somewhere else.
  • 0.9f-3 - Bats Flock to Portals - All the bats on the map flocked to this one portal and stayed there.

Will be solved in a future version Tongue
※ Every not game-breaking issues, that for some reason have to wait to be solved in further development stage.

Solved with the next version Wink
※ All bugs listed here will not appear in the next version... at least they shouldn't.
    Nothing here!

Solved, but need confirmation (from players) Sleepy
※ If you could reproduce any of these and confirm they're solved or not you'll help us developing this game faster!
  • 0.9g-2 - Equipping Priorities - Despite having equipment available, creatures will train before they equip the gear they are supposed to have.
  • 0.9g-2 - Rally Flag Moved & Some Ignore - I've noticed when I move the Rally Flag around not all the creatures that were following it respond immediately to the new location.
  • 0.9f-3 - Surface Pathing - I haven't looked to see if this affects regular pathing, but when using the Rally Flag on the surface creatures prefer to path on the surface rather than use underground pathways which are safer. Right now this causes creatures to aggro enemies which are away from the Rally Point since they are surfacing in unclaimed areas to get across the map faster.
  • 0.9g-2 - Creature Flag Ignored - Many of the creatures rallied with a creature flag ignore it completely. Only some respond to it.
  • 0.9f - Not possible to re-enable creature production - So if a creature gets locked, then die out, the icon for this creature goes away and it is no way to unlock it.
  • 0.9f-3 - World Generation Bug: Inaccessible Buildings on the Surface - Well, I've managed to seal off every portal in the underground, and destroy every building on the surface... except for a single graveyard that was made inaccessible due to a combination of faulty map generation.

Solved & Confirmed Cool
The fruit of players work on finding these and Devs on solving listed below. Thank you very much for help! Heart
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