False Alarm 0.10 - Crashing immediately on launch
Ok, so I played the demo that's on steam which I am assuming is an older version, liked how the game played and immediately bought it here on the site.
Much to my surprise the game will not launch at all for me, I get to the launcher with the graphical settings just fine, then when I hit play it immediately crashes citing an unhandled win32 exception occurring within Dwelvers.exe[8252] and wants to be debugged by Microsoft Visual Studios 2015.
I can't even get the debug button to work on the launcher, it too also crashing.

Also due to the game never technically launching, nothing shows up on DwelversDebugger.exe so I have no idea what to do to get a debug log other than maybe flailing wildly in Microsoft Visual Studios 2015.

Figured this is something you might want to look into, I checked out the demo on the site (which states to be 0.10 as well) and it's doing the same thing. I've gone and manually ran oalinst.exe already and it claims installation is complete immediately without doing anything so I'm assuming I already have it for another game.

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Ok I don't know what changed but I just tried to load it up again and now it's working sooooooo yea.

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