Design issue 0.10 - Dwelvers freezing every 1.5 seconds for a second or so
I have about 120 or so imps and a bunch of creatures. I am playing creative mode. I have uncovered the entire dungeon map and have a large base.

Every 1.5 seconds the game freezes for a second or so. This only started after I had a ton of stuff built and had uncovered almost the entire dungeon part of the map. I am guessing it is somehow related to memory usage? I have a geforce 660ti with 3 gigs ram and 16 gigs system memory. I have checked usage of both in full screen and windowed and Dwelvers seems to be using not much of what I have available. I tried killing off a few imps to get my imps down to 99 but the freezing persists. I tried turning off vsync, to no avail.

I am wondering maybe somehow I can allow Dwelvers to use more of my video and system ram?

Thank you.

Hmm, I haven't seen this issue before. I know there are some freezing when the Dark Mother speaks because what she says is not pre-loaded. But that usually seems to cause random freezes and not so regular freezes. I've got no good solutions for your problem at the moment unfortunately, the only thing I can say is that I will optimize the game in the future so that it makes more use of the computer's cpus. But I can't say exactly when this will be because I've got some prioritization issues in life atm which makes the development fall behind :-/
I understand, no worries. Thank you for responding.

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