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Not solved yet 0.10 - Alt+Tab "throws flashbangs" at your face and runs the game in windowed mode
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0.10 - Alt+Tab "throws flashbangs" at your face and runs the game in windowed mode
After doing Alt+Tab the game screen turns into white plane and than screen blinks 2-3 times between game screen (that turned into white plane) and desktop for 2 seconds (so like it's like I would take 2-3 flash bangs on my face). After that game is finally being minimized (on windows bottom menu bar you can see in miniature that game screen turned into white). Besides that Dwelvers always starts showing it's logo and than goes into the windowed mode showing a white plain, than go normally to a game in fullscreen mode.

After returning to the game it shows game in windowed mode, which also cuts a little bottom of the screen including bottom menus - the same situation was reported by Moontoad in - however in my case I haven't experienced any crash. Checked this on two different computers with different resolution and got the same effect.

After first Alt+Tab and than back to the game:

[Image: 2s8mzqt.jpg]

After second Alt+Tab screen back to normal without any flashing effects:

[Image: 21l3al4.jpg]

Game enters fullscreen mode again if you do Alt+Tab combination again, and the cycle repeats.

What's interesting that sometimes I can get an error message when doing that Prt Scr / Windows button combination.
It says: Fullscreen failed (DXGI_ERROR_NOT_CURRENTLY_AVAILABLE)! (debugger doesn't show anything).
Also when this error happens I need to do at least 2 times Alt+Tab to get game in fullscreen back:

[Image: 107vxbd.jpg]

You can try to get this message by doing print screen - when you're in game quickly push "Windows" button on your keyboard and than quickly push "Prt Scr" button. Do it few times till you get this error, do Alt+Tab as fast as you can. I had to use this combination because when I tried to make a print screen in windowed mode the screenshot was like it was done in fullscreen mode.

My launcher specs (I left steam offline intentionally):

[Image: 2vipic2.jpg]

P.S. Yea, there is a typo in a word "Language" Tongue
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Langauge issue has been fixed.
Added to the list of Bugs/Issues & Crashes
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