More reports needed 0.11.8 BT - Walking Causes Cave-in
In the image I'm showing where the land area was level before the cave-in. I has placed a Squad Flag ready to move my troops from where they are located in the image, down to the flag. When they got close, the ground collapsed. I thought this only happens when digging.

[Image: 2zHdE.jpg]
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I can't reproduce this, I added an option in the tools menu (ALT+T) where you can show what tiles to dig to create a cave-in. Perhaps it could be helpful if I know the map seed and the location the cave in happened on the map.

I sort of suspect that this has something to do with the water triggering the cave-in, and that you walked there are the same time the water expanded over a tile. But I'm not sure that this is possible.
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Thanks to this cave-in seeker tool I could tested that and never had this issue. Sometimes it happens some tile can be accidentally selected to be dig out or enemy rogue will dig a wall that triggers cave-in, but no walking caused this issue to happen for me.
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I will try to find the seed and reproduce later today sometime.
Have you had any luck yet? Smile

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