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(10-03-2018, 05:50 PM)Minamikaze Wrote: The problem is this word is taken from the line that describes a *process*, not the *requirements for a process*. Of course I can translate it as 'Needs', 'Materials' and anything else I think fit, but then my orcs would state that they are, indeed, Needs or Materials, when they are going to produce weapons. And I highly doubt that any reasonably inflected language can manage to use the same wording for both a process and its conditions.

Yeah, I had the same problem with that word and I'm not happy with transforming a word "Crafting" into the "Need" in my translation though.
Actually do we even need any word placed before resource icons? Just seeing that there is 0/10 tells me that 10 units of certain resource has to be delivered to the construction site, icons tells what kind of resource it is (however a small text tooltip could highlight what exactly is this resource). If there was however a need to explain it the tutorial campaign that is already being in development could tell the player something like "deliver 10 stone to construction site in order to finish the Stone Bridge".

I noticed not only word "crafting" is simultaneously used in two places (on construction site and in crafting menu), but also the same phrase "Creating game..." is used when you generate new map or start a new game, which IMO makes difference, because I would rather separate this phrase on "Generating new map" and "Creating new game".

I guess this one will also be changed, here remains the old name for Crafting Room:

[Image: 2itcvm.jpg]
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