Not solved yet - List of missing things in editor
1. There are no description for resources in "Add resources" menu

2. You can't also place a Reinforced Wall and Portal because there's no option to put them in editor,

3. If you want to click on Enable/Disable a pressure pad than you won't be able to do it - maybe because in editor game speed is set like to x0?,

4. You can't open Creature's Menu. If we could equipping creatures could be available to us. Maybe we could also change their stats, mood, skills to whatever we want, etc. as well?,

5. You can't change owner of a creature or any claimable structure,

6. If it comes to rotate object tool it's available for every object in the game, even walls, but only these objects that can be rotated you can rotate with that tool, so you can't rotate walls (which would be neat to have that option to rotate everything possible);

7. There's no drag & drop option, so I can't change position of anything really quick.
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You can't place portals or rotate the DM and her room
Awesome list! Added to the list of Bugs/Issues & Crashes!

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