My New Idea Construction Idea - Impspace Block Hole
Impspace Block Hole

A kind of block that is overlaid on top of other blocks, like hydraulics, which are basically tiiiiny spaces in the wall where only imps are large enough to traverse.

Small like mouse hole space for such small creatures like Imps.

Highlight: Imp way
Function: Good for transporting goods without compromising dungeon structure.
Then again, it'd weaken the walls, theoretically, and isn't a good idea for battle zones. But the wall can always be repaired by a replacement wall, so no big deal.

Not a really important idea. Just playing around with concepts. Do with it what ye will.
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That is a fun idea, something like a mouse hole.. Haha, it would be fun seeing a imp being chased by an enemy and then run into that little hole and the enemy trying to reach him with his hand.. Almost like Tom and Jerry Wink

that just brought up some funny images in my mind... Big Grin
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