My New Idea Creature Mechanic - Bosses
• Bosses •

Creatures of incredible all-around abilities, vitality and strength guarding
rare items, resources or powerful monsters.

Varies in characteristics depending on what field they perform best.

Highlight: To guard ancient and ancestral lore.
Function: As have commonly known bosses.

NOTE:The stats just depend on what are they implemented to do best. Like for a Burrowing Worm boss, naturally defense and speed does good for this one with an active ability to burrow
each minute to switch area or for a surprise attack.Sleepy

Well Cyclotaur King is coming... this is just a suggestion for the more
upcoming versions of Dwelvers.
Added to Ideas & Game Features list and had to change category from Creature to Game Mechanic. Smile

If it comes to what I think about Bosses in games... in DK we don't have them, bosses always were like a hero, but then You have hero too. You know, in the most games heroes/bosses look totally different than common units You can produce - that IMO totally destroys focusing on units development because the most important are heroes/bosses.
I'm generally on 'yes' for bosses, but that are looks like another units they belongs to their tribe, but each dungeon management games should focus on each unit we care about them to make them happy and strong, we have prison too - what about turning them to our side? With overpowered single units the rest is less importat - bosses shouldn't been able to turning them to our side then.
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Oh it's okay... I did get confused on which the bosses belong to.

Well most heroes or bosses are like an upgraded or more powerful version of a certain creature. For example vampires is to vampire lord, wizard is to necromancer, skeleton is to giant skeleton, paladin is to holy knight, wraith is to death lord and many more.

Good luck on the development of Dwelvers.
I have planned to have bosses, but my thought was that they would be more like a upgraded creature type. Making him bigger, giving him extra abilities and some different armour. Even if we would have a boss he wouldn't be much stronger than another higher ranked creature type. So I don't neglect the possibility to convert him in a torture chamber. But I will not make it as easy as in DK when it comes to converting creatures. The last times I've played DK I've refused to use the torture chamber because I think even if it is fun, it makes the game way to easy.

The plan I have for bosses is that they will work as a leader of a bigger group creatures of the same type. Often they will appear when there is a treasure of some kind to loot. So I want to avoid having these big super bosses that if you kill them you will complete the level, maybe having one or two for the campaign, but I prefer having treasures that would give victory points guarded by a huge amount of enemies.

Well, we will see how it goes, I'm not really there yet Wink
Even if you were to make bosses that were elite compared to regular characters, I don't think it would be a stretch to say that once captured and beaten down in the torture chamber they would lose their elite status and become a normal fighter.
Well almost kinda like my point that bosses are supposed to be the champion, leader, king, god or etc. of a certain group of monsters. But you got my point that these bosses should guard special or rare loots.

As stated... bosses vary in characteristics depending on what field they perform best. If there were an Impanzee boss it should have a high speed but low vitality stats and the size depends, I recommend it small but has a different skin color and texture.
What if the bosses protected boxes of power ups. like in Dungeon Keeper 2, you had these boxes that imps could capture, and then be activated to do certain things.
Creatures level up
X amount of resources
Reveal enemy base
Spawn creature
Solid walls (makes all walls around your claimed paths solid)
Speed boost (Imps work 1.5x/2x speed)

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