New Feature! Creature Idea - Knight
So, I guess you all have wondered where the humans are Smile As we are going to introduce the surface world soon we have started thinking about how the humans should look, and the general idea is to give them a medieval look, and that they should complement each other. We are not interested in making two humans that looks different from each other but can do the same things. So to begin with we was thinking about making a Knight that will work as a tank, a Monk/Mechanic that will do a lot of healing and destroying traps, and a Wizard that does ranged attacks.. But these ideas aren't final yet, so there may be some changes as we progresses.

But one thing is final, the Knight Smile


These are the ideas I had for him before our 3D artist put his hands him. I haven't put him in the game yet, so things may change, but this is more so that you all get a general picture of what he will be able to do.

Tank / Knight (Good at melee combat)
He should be a big creature with a lot of armour, and as a big creature he will be slow moving. His specialty is to draw attacks towards himself; this is done by blocking the path and shout at the enemies so that they get enraged by him. I was also thinking that because he is always walking first into a combat with the others after him, he could carry a flag, just like a standard bearer. When he enters a battle or sees the enemies he would attach the flag to the ground and start attacking with his two handed axe/longsword. As a powerfull melee creature his abilities will be melee related. He will have sweeping attacks as a standard attack which damages the surrounding enemies. He should also have a cleave attack where he lifts his weapon and slam it into the ground with so much power that his enemies will get pushed back. Hmmm, one idea is his first attack, as he has the flag in his hand from the beginning he could use it as a spear on the first enemies he sees. His final attack would be something that he would do when he knows that he is doomed, like rushing into the crowd of enemies and just try to slay as many as possible, this attack last a couple of seconds and during this time he will lose health when being hit, but he will not die. When the attack is over and if his health is at zero he will die, the main purpose is that during the attack all the close by enemies will target him, and he will get the chance to kill of the ranged attackers standing in the back..
That mace is bada**! I want one...

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