Feedback/Modification Mix - Couple of Suggestions
Hi all. If some of these are being implemented (sweet) or already are implemented, could you tell me, please?

AI Suggestions:
-> When your colony/settlement is underattack, it would be nice if those dwarves having a beer at the bar would get up off their backsides and do some fighting. I found it quite frustrating when I had about 20 dwarves drinking, with about 2-3 impanzees rampaging my town and they did nothing.
-> It appears the game doesn't handle 100+ imps at the same time quite well. In fact, usually 50% of them will stand around and do nothing at all (unless you give a mine order). They will also stop delivering resources to storage rooms. In fact they will just pile up resources on the ground. Initially when you have 40 or fewer imps, they will drop off all resources at the storage rooms. However after that, there seems to be more and more AI errors the more Imps you have. I don't quite know how to fix this though, but I thought I'd mention it anyway. It becomes really problematic when you have 200+ Imps, where 75%+ will stand around and do nothing.
-> Make it so that Imps will idle less when there are tasks to be done such as having resources on the floor.

-> 3D Landscape = Try to avoid the same pitfalls that a Game of Dwarves suffered from with multiple levels. The first time I played your game, it reminded me of it and the most recent video shows new 3D environments. This is great and all, but a Game of Dwarves had issues with multiple levels in that, it was very difficult to build "floors" (ie something you can walk on), and ways to get from one level to another without a wall to attach a ladder/staircase to. I hope you don't suffer the same problems that one had.

-> Later in development consider:
1) Guard patrol routes = You can have your defenders walk between two points and attack anything within that area.
2) Assigned work = You can assign an imp permanently (until you change your mind) to do a task, like pump water, or resource collection.
3) Tactical retreat = When a defender gets below 20% HP they flee from combat. If they get cornered they will fight to the death as normal. This should reduce defender casualties.

Anywho, look forward to future versions. Looks very promising.
Hi, Welcome to the community. :-)

Some things seems to be issue raport, some are very short described advices more than suggestions.

If You want to suggest something please use the suggestion format - You can find that in Suggestion Guideline. Using that You will help us make it all clear, detailed and safe our time for searching, because it's hard to know everything You thought from the one sentence...

Until than I can't add this thread to The List of Already Suggested Ideas.
Also please name Your topics to make it more clear and transparent for everyone (You can't change the name of this thread, but please suggest new name here than I'll change it for You).
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Ahh. I didn't know there was a suggestion format. I'll take some time and break this 'thing' apart into seperate suggestions.
Thank You. I'm looking forward to it. Wink
Spec: Win 10, ATI 7800 HD, res: 1280x1024x75. I support The Venus Project & Resource-Based Economy

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