My New Idea Creature Mechanics - Poison & Disease
• Poison & Disease •


Poison is a substance that could be placed on any melee or ranged weapon. What it does is cause additional damage over time. The poison damage itself shouldn't be too high, but what it would do is prevent a unit that is poisoned from healing, and causes damage to a unit that attempts to flee from a battle.

A creature that is poisoned should show a debuff of some kind next to their health bar. Maybe something that looks like the Poisonous symbol (Skull and Crossed Bones)

Highlight: Deal damage slowly over time and prevent healing until it is either cured or the poison effect expires.
Function: Poison can be used by both players and neutral. It deals 1% maximum hitpoints of damage per 2 seconds and lasts for 20 seconds (So in total will deal 10% maximum HP damage, not a lot but enough to prevent a creature from healing / slow its healing rate)



Disease on the other hand is something different. It could be caused by either a spell of a certain type of monster could spread it. Disease has a couple main effects:

1) It inflicts a specific debilitity on the creature that is infected. ie Moves slower, cannot cast spells, has a reduced hit chance in combat, etc...
2) A diseased creature can spread the disease to other allied units. Its best to either cure the creature or quarantine it to prevent disease from spreading.
3) A diseased creature cannot get another disease. Only one disease can be active at one time.
4) A diseased creature remains diseased until cured.
5) A diseased creature can be both diseased and poisoned.

Consider placing a debuff next to the creature's hitpoint bar (similiar to poison). The symbol could be the biohazard symbol.

Highlight: Inflict a debilitity on a creature that doesn't go away until cured and can spread.
Function: Disease has a 25% chance to spread for each second of being near an infected creature. The originator of the disease is usually already diseased with the same disease, unless the disease was created by a spell.

NOTE: My dark priest suggestion would go nicely with these effects allowing a player to remove these effects readily IF they have a dark priest available.
Added to Ideas & Game Features list. Smile
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Yeah, this is an idea that I think would fit many creatures. Having poison damage is something I would have no problem implementing Smile

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