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Reading up on the newsletter there was a bullet point for victory/loss conditions. I have a few suggestions for losing the game:

1) All your imps are killed off - If you have no imps, you cannot build more imps to replace them, can't mine resources, build structures or tend to current structures.

2) Your Dark Mother is killed - If enemies manage to deal enough damage to it, it will die. (provided it currently has HP to lose)

3) Your Dark Mother starves to death - Make it so that the Dark Mother requires feeding of some kind. If it doesn't get fed within a period of time it slowly starves to death, which causes constant damage to it until it is dead.

Highlight: Provide loss conditions to the game to be avoided.
Function: Make it so that the game will give a gameover screen if one of the above conditions are met.
Added to Ideas & Game Features list. Surely any losing conditions come soon. Smile
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Hmm, the only thing planned here is if the Dark Mother gets killed. The imps are produced automatically if their total number decreases to less than 8, but first the imp lies unconscious for a minute before he actually dies and the Dark Mother produces a new imp. I don't know if I want the Dark Mother to starve to death.. Maybe, we will see in the future, but it is not planned atm.
Well, you could instead make it a "sacrifice" system instead. You have to sacrifice a certain number of creatures to it every so often. Whether that is your own units, or converted enemy units. Converted enemy units would be worth more sacrifice points. Similiar to how Demonic Barges require Manes to function (This was done in the series War of the Spider Queen, inspired by RA Salvatore; Forgotten Realms campaign setting). No sacrifices, and the Barge doesn't function.
Yeah I don't think it would be hard for me to add the extra losing condition that if the DM starve you will lose. But is it worth it? I mean, just because I can add it, I doesn't mean that it will make the game better. Right now I have the idea that if the creatures don't get the food they need they will eventually turn against you and become a neutral creature. Meaning that they will attack the Dark Mother. If I add the option that the Dark Mother will need to get food as well, she will probably starve and die at the same time as your minions turns against you.

I like the idea of having different losing conditions, but I think it should be something that don't interfere with other game mechanics. Not saying that I will throw away the idea totally, but this feels like something I should wait until the final release of the game before seeing if I should implement it.

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