My New Idea Room Idea - Bank

So. Hi. Goblins exist. Everyone knows that they are a scrupulous and devious bunch, and it is not at all unknown for them to be rather business-like in their dealings.

So, suppose our storage room fills up. If we ever get a "Goblin Worker" or something that's supposed to be clever-ish, and some kind of "Bank" room, the Goblin could be relegated to that little room, set up a stall, and could consolidate our resources in our stockroom into some external holding facility, for a small fee of course. This way, our storage rooms could remain not-full whenever necessary, and our resources could still flow in and be accounted for!

Little room, set up a stall.

Highlight: Consolidating our resources in our stockroom into some external holding facility, for a small fee room.
Room Type: Tile.
Acquired By: Player.
Cost: Not specified...

Inspired by the first half of this thread.
I like the idea. This is how I see it works:
1. We've noticed that our Storage Room is almost full.
2. Formerly placed Bank (but maybe name would be changed to something that would just transformed/exchange our resources onto another with cost?) have a right-click option (like every another room ATM) that pop-up a window where we set what resource(s) we would like to exchange/transform/transmute/exchange for another resource(s).
3. For example we would like to exchange wood for gold. We have 110 wood, but because gold is not cheap we cannot get 1 piece of gold for less than 10 wood.
4. We set for example 50 wood. After clicking OK button worker goes to the Storage Room and takes 50 wood.
5. Worker gets wood to the Bank, deposes wood and takes 5 gold.
6. Worker with gold goes to the Storage Room and stores exchanged gold for wood here.

In this case any another kind of worker is not needed, just one Imp could make every transfers.
What's more because Imps could not carry so much item, one could carry up to 10 of resources (or it would depend on resource's weight if it would be implemented).
We could implement additional creature that would work in Bank, but I don't see more than 1 would be needed to attend on the Bank, so what would we do with another goblin workers? The rest would be unemployed.

Moreover, You don't need to do exchange in Bank every time, so goblin would sit in this bank and do nothing whole that time You don't need to make exchange, so IMO this room could stay empty, but if we would like to make exchange, after setting numbers in pop-up menu and clicking OK computer will choose an one Imp (or more if we will have carrying limitation) that will do exchange like I described above.
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