My New Idea Environment Ideas - Surface Villages/Cities
Surface Villages/Cities

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  • Add villages/cities on the surface of the world
    • Add the possibility to order an attack to the villages/cities to plunder ressources and prisoners.
    • Add different level of protection for the villages/cities: guard, fortification, etc.
    • Add siege engines

  • Add the possibility to build the outpost, to collect ressources.

  • Add different races (dwarf, human, barbarian, wild orc, etc)
    • Add the possibility to trade with some faction (ex: orc trade with wild orc or barbarian)
  • Add the possibility to fortify the main enter to the donjon. the secondary enters can't be fortified, but can be destroyed. the ennemy can create the secondary enters.

Highlight: Dynamic interaction with the surface.
Function: New fonctionnalities introduce a new dimension in the gameplay.
Hi, Welcome to the community. :-)

Could you elaborate more your idea and also try to make them in separate threads?
I added your ideas to Ideas & Game Features list.

Edit: Race - something like races won't most probably exists, however it is possible to have specified group of creatures that would live in certain places together in larger number. More like races they will be species probably, will see.
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I like the idea of towns on the surface, that would definitely add a new element to the strategy of the game. Smile

You also mentioned caravans as being a possibility, I've mentioned them in the Surface World News and Suggestions thread, so I'm definitely in favor of them. I've been meaning to post a detailed suggestion about them too, and you just reminded me about that.

Oh, and one more thing, welcome to the Dwelvers forums! Cool
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Quote:Race - something like races won't exists, however it is possible to have specified group of creatures that would live in certain places together in larger number.
IMO this could be handled by handling each proposed race as a creature, using the creature template. If you want members of a race to have multiple specialties, you could propose different strengths based on different configurations of weapons and armor as I did in Creature - Soldier, so that basically, for example an elf may have different strengths and weaknesses depending on how it's equipped, so it might be very powerful at ranged combat when equipped with a bow but weak at melee, whereas if equipped with moderate armor and a sword, would be a decent melee fighter, but still not as good as other melee fighters, such as dwarves or orcs.

When reading the thread in the above link, you will notice that I had different stats for the soldier based on what weapons and armor he's equipped with. How I determined them is I had a baseline stat set in mind for the Soldier, which I then modified based on the equipment the soldier has.
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Welcome to the forum Redgard Smile

These are interesting suggestions. But I would like to see them as Sebt said, one by one and with a detailed description on how you would like to see them implemented. I don't want to be rude and give you an unwelcome first impression. But if you separate the suggestions we would have it a lot easier to have a conversation about them without it being to messy Smile

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