My New Idea I & S - Free Look & Portal Shut
Free Look & Portal Shut

Free Look
I would like to have a more user friendly option for being able to look around my dungeon.

Highlight: A specific key that speed up the ability to get precise views of the map.
Function: I suggest having a key (say Ctrl or whatever) be pressed and then the mouse becomes the viewing directional. This would greatly speed up the ability to get precise views of the map.

Portal Shut
I find that the game uses a ton of PC resources. The longer the game runs, the slower my system performs even after I shut down the program (memory leak?). To save system performance, I would like the ability to shut down portals, not just block them off

Highlight: Turning down portals to save memory space.
Function: When blocking portals, knights (and more in the future) still spawn, draining system resources as the animations still need to be drawn. If the portals could be "turned off" somehow, the additional system resources could be spared, and the player could leave open the portals they choose.
Welcome to the forum Ascendant00 Smile

I have been getting some suggestions about being able to use another key for free looking instead of using the middle mouse button, so this is something I will definitely implement!

I recently got a suggestion about the lagging as you can see here:
It has nothing to do with memory leaks, it is just that when the available jobs that the imps can perform starts to build up it requires a lot of CPU. But it will be fixed, it is still in alpha mode Wink

The portals will behave differently in future versions, so turning them of will not be an option.

I will add the free look to the Ideas & Game Features list.

Thanks Smile
Quote:The longer the game runs, the slower my system performs even after I shut down the program

Imp jobs shouldn't be affecting his system performance after the game's been closed, the memory should be released at that point.

@Ascendant00: Have you tried checking your RAM usage on your computer before running the game, then re-checking it after a long session, where you keep all other programs tuned off except what you need to run your OS? If there is a significant increase in RAM usage after running Dwelvers to what the usage was before then that would be a good indication of a memory leak.

It would also be a good idea to check what other processes you have running before and after running Dwelvers, just to make sure you don't have something that's a memory or CPU hog that isn't turning on sometime after you launched Dwelvers (EG a virus scan, or malware).

If this is reporting a memory leak then that should actually be put in the bugs forum as that would most definitely be a bug.
Hi. Welcome to the community! Smile

I need to say something as moderator. Post that have multiple ideas that are not connected with something to each other has to be split and each suggestion has to have it's own thread separately. Next time please create separate post for each your suggestion. This way we can easly focus on one thing and then have better overall outlook on that.

Thanks for using templates BTW, however I have to edit your post to clarify what is what to have better discernment about the topic. Smile

Anyway, added to The List of Already Suggested Ideas. Wink
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Thank you all for the replies.

Rasmus; I was unaware of the middle mouse button function! Thank you, that does make things easier. Indeed a player assignable key would also be great.

also, THANK YOU for all the work you and your team has put into this game. It is really looking amazing and I cannot wait for release version.

Seriously Unserious; Thank you for the suggestion, I will look into system performance before and after.

Sebt; I tried the best I could, but the requested method for posting is a bit much for me to be honest. I am not an HTML user, so I was sort of stabbing in the dark. Thank you for fixing my mistakes.
Thank you Ascendant for taking interest in Dwelvers Smile If you like it now you will probably like it even more in the future, there are so many game mechanics that is still waiting for implementation Big Grin

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