New Feature! Creature Idea - Cyclotaur
Yeah, the energy is squared while the mass have a linear relation to the energy. Therefore a projectile thrown at 2x the speed have 4x the energy, while a projectile 2x the mass only have 2x the energy Smile

I love physics Smile I had a video uploaded on my channel before (but then I removed it Sad), where I had showed a program I made with a lot of spheres flying around with different masses, velocities and spin that collided with each other and the environment in a rather natural way..
Maybe I will upload it again some day Wink
That would be cool. I'd love to check it out if you did. Always been a fan of physics too. I really like to know why things work the way they do.
Physics, everything in every game should base on physics! Big Grin
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Yeah but there are always some cheating Wink That's why we had a course in school named "Physics for games" Wink

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