My New Idea I & S - In-game mailbox
In-game mailbox

Yes, I want to implement a mailbox for the player. This is something that have become more and more important because of the games current inability to communicate with the player.. As some of you have seen I have inserted the broken chains icon to the buildings/creatures that are disconnected to the rest of the dungeon, but I this is not enough, the player needs to know directly when something is wrong.. This would also include fighting, no storage room left, and much more..

But what's a nice menu layout for this? I would love to get some suggestions Big Grin If it is good enough I will also use the style in the other menus Smile

Highlight: Player's mailbox in the game.
Function: I don't want to spam the player when something is wrong, lets say that the player builds a well right in front of the dark mother, then the whole dungeon would get disconnected, and spam 50 mails on the player. So I was thinking about having the mails categorised, so that all the mails regarding a broken chain for example will get a sub category with all the buildings/creatures disconnected. And when solved this mail will disappear automatically. Well, even in the sub category I don't want a report on 20 disconnected building next to each other because they will all be visible when zooming in to the location. So the mails will also be "area sorted".

And the mails should maybe not come in automatically, maybe the imps could throw mails at the camera when something is wrong..
Another idea is that the player would have to build "mail boxes" in the dungeon where the imps deliver the news when something needs to be reported to the player Smile
I think giving the Imps another task to do could be troublesome when trying to alert the player to a problem with workflow or the production chain. Maybe you could have a small popup in the upper corner color categorized by the type of problem. If multiple issues of a particular type are in affect, then they could all be linked to the same popup. Clicking on the popup will zoom to the instance of issue and you can keep clicking it until you have cycled through all of the events or have corrected each problem at which time the popup clears.
Yeah, sounds good Big Grin
This brings to mind what the main User Interface will end up looking like. There will definitely be people here who absolutely would not mind having even a tiny horizontal bar across the bottom (or top?) of the screen that shows them a bunch of information or clickable icons. Having a white mailbox turn red when there's an important notice wouldn't be distracting at all.

Because not everyone knows to go back to look at their mailbox. It's like when I'm playing The Sims 3 and I have bills to pay, but never know to look at the mailbox, so there's just this guy who appears and starts vacuuming up all my stuff. So I hack-move him into the swimming pool and he pulls a Jesus and walks over it back into the house. Nothing bothers that guy.
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I wouldn't be opposed to an informational bar across the top especially if it had a level of transparency until you mouse over or a problem arises.

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