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Miscellaneous Production Chain Upgrades

I decided to make a larger post collecting all the upgrades made to the production system since the 0.7d release. This topic is a collection of quotes from other topics that are directly related to bug fixing, but as they have a large impact on the production chain I think they are worth reading.

Added a new function to solve the issue when the workload suddenly increases

Rasmus Wrote: Added a new function to solve the issue when the workload suddenly increases.


In this screenshot I put all 80 irons on "out", and I sold some of the storage shelves so that the storage room got a lot of jobs all of a sudden. This is something that happens naturally during gameplay and in previous versions actions like this could halt the whole production chain. What I have done is that when a room gets a very heavy workload the game calculates how many workers the room should have to solve the clogging, if the room has less workers than that amount the game will add extra workers to that room until the crisis is solved. These extra workers are "hired" from the workers that aren't assigned to a room (free workers).

For the room to be able to "hire" a free worker these conditions must be met:
- There must be at least two free workers out there that don't have anything to do.
- The number of free workers that has nothing to do must be larger or equal to the free workers that are doing something.

The room will "unhire" a free worker if conditions must be met:
- There are no free workers out there that don't have anything to do.
- The number of free workers that has nothing to do is less than half of the free workers that are doing something.
- Only workers that aren't doing anything can be unhired (this is so that the jobs don't get interrupted.)

Hopefully this together with solution in my previous post will solve some of the clogging issues.

Another thing I have noticed is that it is to easy for the player to put linked rooms to far away from each-other. When this happens the imps run like crazy, and the player will have to assign an unrealistic amount of imps to a storage room just to coop with the work delay because of the distance.

I have said before that I am interested in having some kind of a transportation system between the storage rooms. This is still something I intend to implement, but for now I was thinking about setting an extra info bar in the room info menu that tells the player how efficient the imps are, how long time it takes for them to complete a task after they have started with it. If there is a situation where the imps have to run long distances and average time is between 10 and 15 seconds, then this can work as a warning system for the player that he should redesign this part of his dungeon.

Creature needs

(26-06-2014, 03:44 PM)Aische1984 Wrote: i think the creatures tend to their needs too late sometimes they down to 18 percent bfore they eat or sleep

im worried that some might starve if i have a prolonged battle ( i got a connected area with at least 4 portals and 6 impanzee rooms om my map )

(02-07-2014, 03:56 PM)Rasmus Wrote: Solved with the next version!
They will keep their food, drink and rest level above 50% unless there are a rally flag out there calling them.

(02-07-2014, 04:52 PM)Rasmus Wrote: I also made it so that the the dungeon general status bar for food, drink and rest are calculated a little bit different.
In 0.7d it collects all the creatures % values of the stat comparing to the max stat and then divide it with the number of creatures checked.
In 0.7e it will collect all the creatures and check how many of them that needs food / drink / rest and calculate the status bar after that instead. So a creature with 75% rest will still be calculated in the dungeon status bar that it has 100% rest, if the creature gets tired and are searching for a bed the status will calculate this as 50%, and if it is a emergency that the creature needs to sleep then the status bar will calculate this as 0%. In this way the player don't get the impression that he can improve the dungeon when there is really nothing he can do, because in the 0.7d version the creatures will not go to bed unless their sleep bar is below 25 % and this will show on the status bar.

Resolution list empty

(18-06-2014, 02:38 AM)Yamitatsu Wrote: The resolution dropdown list is empty.

(03-07-2014, 03:12 AM)Rasmus Wrote: So I have grown a little tired off this bug, I am not that used to using c# but I can't find a good tutorial on how to get all possible resolutions from all graphic cards and monitors.

There is a function in c# that gets all the possible resolutions on the primary monitor, and that is the one I have been using up until now, I also made it so that the resolution list would update if the user decided to change the primary monitor in windows while the launcher is running. But as this bug report shows this isn't enough. There are obviously some flaws with it, I don't know if it is my coding skills or that the function shouldn't be used for this purpose. My main suspicion is that the function that I call to get all the possible resolutions don't work as it should if there are multiple graphiccards and multiple monitors involved.

So instead of growing bald trying to solve this issue and find a bug which I can't reproduce on my own computer I added a custom list in the drop box with the most used resolutions out there. But as I can't list all possible resolutions on all possible graphiccards and monitors because the list would be endless I added an extra button where the user can type in a custom resolution that will be used in the game.

If a resolution is chosen that the monitor or graphiccard don't support it will automatically choose the closest supported resolution to this one. I know that this isn't how it should be handled professionally, but as the user in worst case only have to enter a couple of numbers which takes a couple of seconds I think we can live with it for now.

Here is a screenshot on how it looks now:


Water shortage

(26-06-2014, 08:20 PM)Seriously Unserious Wrote: Here's my latest dungeon. It's the one where I had some production chain shutdowns, but I think by this point I'd mostly solved them...

(28-06-2014, 08:46 PM)Rasmus Wrote: Thanks again for the savegame SU (+3 to you), now I am able to run the Game2a savegame with the antroot farm at max productivity without building anything or changing anything.

One issue was that the number of antroots allowed to be stored in the room were 3, and if there were three antroots or more stored the imps in that room stopped harvesting antroots. Now we have it so that the limit instead is number of antroot farms x2, so 50 antroots can be stored in this case. This is not only applying to antroots, but all items being produced.

The other issue was that only 3 water buckets is allowed to be stored in the farm at once, meaning that there are no buffer filling up while the antroots grow. This limit has also increased in relations to the number of buildings that needs water. So now while the 25 antroots are growing the imps will collect 25 buckets of water in the room and have them ready for use when it is time to water them again.

The third issue was the water production, the number of water buckets allowed in the whole production chain was calculated from 3x the number of storage rooms, I thought I had the demand of water included in this, but because of a programming error this wasn't included. So now if you have 25 antroot farms and 5 storage rooms the maximum number of water buckets allowes in the dungeon is calculated from "(Demand x2) + (StorageRoom x3)" -> "(25 * 2) + (5 * 3)" = 65 water buckets. So there will be no more water shortage!

This included with workers being auto assigned to the rooms if they are needed really got the production going.

Right now I am adding a percentage value in the room info window where the player can see the work-load for the imps working in that room, this will help the player see if there are a need for more imps in a certain room. In your savegame I could actually reduce the number of imps in the farm room from 5 to 2, and the number of workers in the cookery room from 4 to 1. I did increase the number of workers in the Dark Mother room to 6, because there were a lot of production rooms connected to it. Also I had to reroute some of the items that could clog up the dark mother storage room in the future.

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