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Full Version: How to make a mud sauna
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  1. Find a nice spot
    [Image: WCs9I0G.jpg]

  2. Dig the pool
    [Image: 9fKR7o7.jpg]

  3. Add some stairs
    [Image: Tkeu0JV.jpg]

  4. (unclaimable stairs remain dirty)
    [Image: RyzlD6m.jpg]

  5. Heat it up and add some furniture
    [Image: 2mGDFb7.jpg]

  6. Invite your friends
    [Image: mlvVE5w.jpg]
That's pretty cool!
Haha, that's a nice place ro relax:-)
Hmm, a sauna with cold water? Big Grin
Nice idea, anyway.
Very cool! +2 Excess Big Grin
Nice creativity, Excess. That kind of reminds me of an underground version of the poolside patio. +2.