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Full Version: Stelgim - Play's Alpha 0.5c
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Hey all!

Since I didn't know much about what I was doing in my first video of 0.5, I decided to make a new one.

Lucky for me 0.5c came out so got to do the new version!

Feel free to tell me what I do wrong, or what I did correct for that matter Smile

I think I found some bugs as well, which should be in the video - will most likely post them in the bug section unless already reported

Just love it, even with the bugs you managed to build up your dungeon, defend it and reach the water Smile
I liked that you were having problem with the enemies, I want the game to have some challenge Wink

So what I've noticed so far..
- You can't build shelves if there already is a torch on the wall, that needs to be fixed.
- The Dark Dwarfs didn't respond to the rally flag as they should.
- The Dark Dwarfs can get stuck in corridors if there are to many of them.
- The Dark Dwarfs likes the prison to much Tongue
- Sometimes there are a unnecessary delay when they are about to finish building something.
- The cannons needs to be auto rotated.
- The enemies could walk through the doors.

Feel free to fill in Smile I will have it fixed until the next update!
You can do fishing by connecting bridges to the fish pool.

Anyway, great video! You've presented a lot of stuff and some issues. Thanks. Smile
Thanks for the fishing tip, was unsure about that Smile

You're welcome, hope you enjoyed the video. I do enjoy trying to explore by possessing an imp, and a lot of imps have perished because of that ;3.