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Full Version: Last Post Wins
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If anyone's interested in forum games, here's a goodie, the last post wins game. Whoever has the last post in this thread winds the game.

Of course that means I'm the winner. Wink
I can see a flaw with this game Tongue Guess what?
Good point, oh, wait, on the contrary, your flaw has a flaw Tongue


I thought iAreNubcake would make this here by now ;P Quite the popular thread on our other forum. I won it on the forum before, no joke.. Last post before it closed. So you're playing a pro boys, give up now Big Grin
not a chance.

I've played it on 3 other forums and won it all 3 times. so I won't give up my perfect record without a fight. Tongue


Expect one!
3 dead forums? Damn.. kick him before it happens here too! HE'S LIKE THE PLAGUE!
(plus increases my victory chances xD)
The forums are not dead, the topic just got locked eventually.

but this topic's not locked and so now I am back in the winner's circle. Smile


Ah, we had this thought before, but mods and admins may still post in a locked thread ;P For us IT NEVER ENDS

and now I'm back in my rightful spot as the winner. Smile
So SU are winning? No wait.. hehe
looks like you win. Congratulations!

Whoops! I guess I kinda spoiled your victory here. *snaps fingers* oh shoot. Tongue


Great, celebrate by not posting here again ;D
absolutely, I'll definitely do that.

Sorry, I guess I already broke that one...
I need a copy of the full instructions before I can start playing Smile



-spy back cap-