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Full Version: 0.8d - Exiting game
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I don't really see this as a bug, but I think when you exit the game it should close off the loader and debugger. If you forget those are running and you hit play then it says that it is running already. Also, if you were exiting to play a different game on Steam, then you have unnecessary applications still running from Dwelvers.
I could add a checkbox if the player wants the launcher closed with the game.
Added to the list of Bugs/Issues & Crashes!
Solved with the next version!
Loader does close, but the Debugger is left open. If running from Steam, you have to manually close the debugger or else it will say the game is running if you try to relaunch while the debugger is running.
So it's not completely solved, marked as not solved yet.
Sometimes the game doesn't close even without Debugger previously open - steam still displays that I'm playing.
@Mello: I will take a look at the issue with leaving the Debugger open.

@Ardilor: The Dwelvers.exe exiting problem is a different bug I would like to have separately. I will mark this one http://forum.dwelvers.com/showthread.php?tid=1039 as unsolved instead.

This bug is all about the launcher and the debugger being left open after dwelvers.exe has closed.

Both the loader and the debugger does now close with Dwelvers.exe unless an error report is generated.
The issue with Dwelvers.exe not closing is another issue that should be addressed here: http://forum.dwelvers.com/showthread.php?tid=1039

Solved with the next version!
Just tested this one. The debugger is still open after quitting the game.
Solved with the next version (the 0.8i version that is).
Dwelvers Alpha 0.8i released, this bug is now solved but it need confirmation (from players) Smile
Almost there. I haven't tested this on either my Intel or Nvidia cards, but both of my Radeons get stuck when closing. This is what I see, and it doesn't get past this:

[Image: TEF3.png]
Thank you Big Grin Now I know where to look Wink
I have tested this on my Intel card, and it shuts down properly. I will check on the Nvidia one when I get a chance.
I believe this has something to do with the cpu and number of cores.
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