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Full Version: New Let's Play Series
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I have had this lovely game for a few months and with the Steam release decided to Let's Play it, with episodes every other day on my channel!

So far I have the introductory episode which is the Tutorial but Episode 1 of the actual game is recorded and due in the next day or two.

So come along for the Journey of this fantastic Dungeon Keeper esq game!

As a side note to the Dev, excellent job making it so refined, when I first played it was rough around the edges but playing it again you have made loads of great updates!
Hi, welcome to our dungeons here! Smile
I wondered when someone make a video with tutorial. Great that you after few months decided to make video about Dwelvers, well anyway +3 points goes to you for your hard work. Smile

Hope you could show how to make equipment, trade with surface world, hydraulics, how to fish (you need a bridge and fishes one tile next to each other) and whatever you find interesting to show - definitely try to learn and show hydraulics, there's no video yet about them. Smile
Hope you also next time show how to dig lower blocks too with shovel.

I noticed in your video that creatures In Farm Room (FR) at the beginning couldn't go to or out the Farm. This is caused by the fact that doors are made in place where there's no way to pass them (in your case Mill blocked the path, unfortunately creatures cannot go through fences). What else could you do except selling the Mill? Open FR menu and click on doors and built a new one in free place. You can also try to sell existing door and put the new one. Sometimes what you need is just to rotate the door, but I think in your case the best was selling the Mill or built new door. Wink

If it comes to chaining room-to-room Rasmus is working on that as on tutorial - people have problem with finding ropes because it's not being said where to find ropes.

Once again good work! Big Grin
Ahhh so many answers. I have started the lets play in full and doing alot better! Just one of those play with and see.

In the let's play I have shown trading and equipment, but not fishing. I'm gonna have to play with hydrualics too! It's a Let's play and learn I am by no means a master but I constantly find my 20 min episodes going to 25+ due to me having too much fun Big Grin it's a great game and loving the ideas!

Anyway heres the first episode of the game let's play!

Very nice video Smile Thank you for helping me promote Dwelvers Smile
(22-09-2014, 03:24 PM)Rasmus Wrote: [ -> ]Very nice video Smile Thank you for helping me promote Dwelvers Smile

No thank-you! You've done an excellent job bringing a the feeling of DK back with modern ideas! Great game!

EP - 2!

EP 3:

and 4:

Next episodes is hydraulics Big Grin
4 more episodes and the conclusion Smile
EP 5 Hydraulics:

EP 6 Cyclotaurs:

EP 7: Expansion

EP 8 Finish:

Overall I've had a blast and will return to the game as patch changes are added and more things added in, I would like to thank the devs again for a wonderful game and something with huuuge potential.

See you for Season 2!