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One thing I do to get resources is that I kind of start out like you CS, small, and then I hack out 5x5 areas around the DM all the way down to the impenetrable rock. Then I go and back fill the whole thing. I do this until I have cleared out the area surrounding the DM, and then rebuild the rooms I started out with a bit larger. The core of my dungeon is generally on the same level as the DM room.
That's a pretty good strategy, Mellow. I'll try it next time I play Dwelvers. The one thing that can interfere with it a bit is when a huge, water filled cavern or a knight spawning surface access is right next to your DM. Those starts can be a real challenge to not get overwhelmed while finding resources and building up your rooms.
Fortunately I haven't had that happen yet. I try to stay 2 tiles away from water sources when excavating so I don't drown my creatures or lose resources to a filled up hole.

I tend to build walls around the Knight spawn surface so I don't have to deal with them until I feel like it. There are some really cool things you can do especially when there are 2 really close to each other, but I've kept this to myself until now since I didn't want to have the possibility of being removed since it can be real fun to unleash 30+ Knights on your minions to test their resolve. I don't know if I have a screenshot, but I can look later today to see if I have one to show off, or just generate a map until I get one that I can take a new screenshot with.
Being able to capture a random map seed and enter it in manually would be very helpful in debugging specific things, or in replaying a favorite map again. I think there was some talk of such a feature in another topic a few months ago though. I hope Rasmus remembered about that discussion.
Yeah, I remember that conversation.
(22-05-2014, 06:44 PM)Seriously Unserious Wrote: [ -> ]Being able to capture a random map seed and enter it in manually would be very helpful in debugging specific things, or in replaying a favorite map again. I think there was some talk of such a feature in another topic a few months ago though. I hope Rasmus remembered about that discussion.

Map seeds are already implemented for the next build.

I played a with them a little and honestly, i am entirely not sure what the numbers represent or how altering them influences the map generation but it works.
It sounds like we are really gonna have our hands full with all the new features. The map seeding would be a fun feature to dissect like the previous 'Find all the Hidden Key Binds'.
I think I found solution for placing Room Props (Buildings), like whatever object and to make Dwelvers look less like Dungeon Keeper. Let's use something that is used for 20 years with success... so what if we make, that props requires only specific size of free space in certain room or tile instead of being able to place props only in the same row or in exact 3x3 tiles?

In Warcraft 3 for example you can place certain building where it's indicator flashes on green, but if it's red you cannot place building there:
[Image: Warcraft-3-Reign-of-Chaos-small-286.jpg]

So what if we could implement it to Dwelvers? Still to choose specific prop you will need to use right click of the mouse, but this time you can place prop wherever you want among room boundaries (b). Of course by clicking shift for example you could be able to lock where to place prop, so player will be able to place props in schematic order, like here (a):
[Image: fig1.png]

BTW, each prop would require to be placed in certain distance from other props or obstacles like walls, so player could not make barriers from placing for example many torches to block way on one tile.

To sum it up:
- even non requiring rooms tiles props could be placed everywhere you want, so if you have trap, decoration that make you able to set it everywhere you want, on no man land, why not?
- we could make various sizes of props, why every has to be 1x1 if we could make one big prop for 4x3 tiles or 1x7 or maybe some props would not require only 1 horizontal tile, but 3, so it would be quite tall (like ATM is Impanzee Statue if I'm not wrong)? We could have various props in various sizes in one room, so the workshop could look really powerful...
- ...but you may ask what with objects that expands when you place the same object next to the same previous? Well, this system wouldn't be needed anymore - to built for example a long desk just pull it from one point to other and see if you'll have place for chairs (these place could appear as yellow semi-transparent square marks or something).
I think having a 'footprint' for constructions would be nice. If the construction was upgradable and expanded its footprint, I don't see that would be needed to be reflected in the original footprint. If you had to modify the size of the room or deconstruct something so that it could be expanded, I wouldn't have a problem with that. The idea of props that take up more than 1 horizontal tile is a good one, Sebt. I would like to see this applied to doors as well seeing how weird it looks to have this large empty space above doors that have tiles above them.
Thank, huh, I mean not horizontal, but also vertical. I always have problem with remembering which word says what, horizontal is -, diagonal is |. :d
Lol, yeah technicalities... Horizontal - Vertical | Diagonal /
I love this idea, Sebt. This would also solve problems of placing an object, like the smelter, in a bad location and having the imps unable to reach the lever at the side to pour the molten iron into the mold. I saw at least 1 vlogger have problems with this, and I've had problems with this until I figured out by trial and error what the problem was. By using a building footprint, access to work points on the object could be included in the object's building footprint so, for example, the smelter could not be built in a place where no imp could access the lever needed to pour the iron, nor could anything else be built in that smelter's footprint that would block access to using it.
So if I understand you correctly Sebt, buildings can require more than one tile space to be built?

This is indirectly already done, when the player build building next to eachother they will complain because they need a larger area to work as the imps may need to reach the building from different direction. This could of course be expanded on a bit, I do like the idea that a object visually would take more room than one tile (like the dark mother). It is not that hard to implement actually, it is just that I have avoided it until now because I don't want to add more features into the game until all the features added now are bug-checked and balanced Smile
(25-05-2014, 06:47 PM)Rasmus Wrote: [ -> ]So if I understand you correctly Sebt, buildings can require more than one tile space to be built?

Yes. Some props/room buildings, whatever you want to place something wherever could have size of 2x2 tiles, 3x3 tiles or 2x5 times or even 5.5x7.5 tiles, so even a half of tile. We could even add 3rd dimension to some props too, so except having 1x1x1 (x,y,z) we could be able to make 2x2x2, 3x3x3 or 2x5x3 or even 5.5x7.5x5 tiles big props. Dodgy

We could make two options of setting props - like now, pointer freezes at the the middle of tile (by holding predefined key) or wherever in place this prop can be placed (like in Warcraft 3).
(25-05-2014, 09:12 PM)Sebt Wrote: [ -> ][...] we could be able to make 2x2x2 [...] tiles big props. Dodgy
I like it. I'm already imagining a 2x2x2 beer tank to slightly nerf the Orc's production/maintenance, it's too cheap to make them as of now. Of course, you'd have to either build a stair for the imps to get to the border or build them in a pit.

I can also see the ocassional imp falling down into the tank when working and coming out like it never happened Big Grin
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