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Full Version: Room Mechanic - Different size of rooms
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I like that idea, multistory props would be a great way to take better advantage of the 3D aspects of Dwelvers.
I dig this idea definitely. It makes sense that scaling up production would call for bigger production items to ease the process and prevent production chain bottle-necking and to encourage revamping of the dungeon.
As for smelters etc... requiring additional tiles for access, there should be a marker sort of like the warcraft 3 one that indicates that the side back and or front need to be accessed for the device to function with the imps.
OK, I moved this thread to Suggestions & Feedback forum and marked as Brainstorm.

I agree, especially that I often see players that don't know why some buildings doesn't work if are stick to wall, even one tile further from each other and still they see red marker, but how they could know if set building that they see first time in their life, right?
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