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Full Version: Post your BEST images of Dwelvers!
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Post your BEST images of Dwelvers! I'll start.


Mine (pun intended), is a huge excavation on impossible mode.

Cause screw you enemies, I mine where I want!
Ooooh!!! Fun with puns!

BIG Farm'a

[Image: XMGU.jpg]
Nice picture!
Thanks, that's the latest map I've been toyin with.
(07-06-2015, 12:41 AM)Mello Tonin Wrote: [ -> ]
Ooooh!!! Fun with puns!

BIG Farm'a

[Image: XMGU.jpg]

Thanks. I'd really like to see what others are doing too. I figured this thread would get a lot more play. I may have to post something from my current dungeon soon.

...And I just noticed you just joined us. Welcome to the group!
My Current Project

[Image: 2A1dg.gif]
Awesome Big Grin
Thank you sir Smile
This is very nice looking dungeon, how long have you been building it like this? Big Grin
This one has 21:52:50 on the clock at the moment. A lot of that time I'm playing it accelerated so I'm not sure how much 'real time' I have into it.
Perhaps we could have a non-accelerated clock as well so that we get a real conception on time Tongue
Yeah you should see my clock on that now. It's gotta be close to 40 after the last couple hours I was able to spend with it. I was running it at x9 because otherwise it just takes too long to backfill rock.