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Full Version: Creature mechanics - Pathfinding for the swimming in the water / lava
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In Dwelvers 0.11.3 BT version creatures can swim, Drillers are the one that can swim the lava without getting hurt, but sometimes creatures doesn;t behave as expected.

Here I made some excavations to make my entrance to dungeon more fancy and I wondered what if I let drown some of my creatures? Angel

The two of them: Dudoan the Rogue and an Unnamed Imp went on the trip to make my fancy entrance. They have fall down - the Imp to the right of stair and Rogue in front of the stairs. The results was that Imp found the way to reach a quite flat tile to stand, but Rogue had problems with finding way back to dungeon (or he just wanted to swim, you know they kind of doing a DIRTY work hah...), so he started to swim the pool:

On yellow there were blocks that were dug out by both workers:

[Image: ohkea1.jpg]

So Rogue set off on a Journey, swam the pool a little and finally... landed on the other side of the pool where a hostile Fishmen greeted him with a Jump Kick... and that's how his journey ended.

[Image: 333h2c7.jpg]

For Imp the adventure ended well, so well that when he built a block, that I later ordered him to dig out he managed to get out from the water immediately, without any hesitation he swam into the entrance. For these days I don't know why those paths were so different for both of them.

[Image: 14xjf9.jpg]

Moreover sometimes cave-ins creates water or lava flood with Drillers inside... which can be really annoying when drowning and don;t know how to get out - they are squeeing and shimming in one place until I finally dug out to them so they could get up and be killed by my troops:

[Image: wm0zfm.jpg]
Hmm, right now the creatures swim randomly and has no pathfinding at all. Not sure I want to fix this issue. It is some skills in being able to drown a creature or human...

But at some point I probably want creatures that can swim and use that as a normal path to travel. So I don't know if we should call this an improvement request instead of a bug. What do you think?
You're right, so I moved that topic to suggestions forum. Smile

I think that would be great if creatures could always swim to the nearest place that is dry, find a shortest way to get out from the water or lava. That also could be a fun feature if really heavy units like Knights could just go down like a brick when fall down to the lava of fluid (if at least two tiles deep). Big Grin
Yeah that would be a little bit more realistic Tongue