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Full Version: 0.11.5 BT - Knights Aren't Spawning With The Rogues
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When the wave of enemies spawn from the portals, Knights are not being spawned.
Added to the list of Bugs/Issues & Crashes!
I'm not seeing this issue. I know that the first waves usually don't have knights at all, what difficulty and wave were you at? You can see what enemies should spawn the next wave by hovering the evil meter.
Hmm, Rogues usually go first when the enemy wave is arriving at Portals, sometimes so fast that you are able to block Knights way to your dungeon. If you do this, the whole group of Knights will gather at the nearest Portal at stays there until a new path to your dungeon is being dug out.

Dungeon Keeper devs solved this by making parties of heroes which contains at least one digger and that these parties are coming at your dungeon in strict formation, not allowing anyone to go out from this formation till they meet their enemy, so they are coming all together and this way that idea make it hard to divide this party.

IMO idea of coming in groups is awesome idea even for player's creatures, which they can first gather and than go together at enemy. Game could calculate how much creatures is needed and available to make a group and it can organize one that have a big chance to win with incoming enemy - like the game puts it's own invisible Rally Flag.
Hmm, I agree Sebt, it would be better if they all walked in a group...

@Mello, can you confirm that it isn't the case I mentioned in my previous post?
I'm also curious to know that, because Knights are slower, however they're spawning along with Rogues from the same portal at least for my instances.
I think Sebt's onto the cause of this likely. I think the case may be that the Knights were off walking somewhere while the Rogues were coming for my DM. I have not seen this happen in any of my other games, but the reference below is of a game that I had multiple issues come up. If you load that game and complete the bridge that is highlighted in the image, you'll be overrun with waves that couldn't path to the DM. I think this was part of the problem leading me to report the spawning problem. They were being spawned, they just couldn't make it to me. I've tried to recreate the terrain in another game to get the pathing to fail, but couldn't.

Quote:So while I was trying to confirm a couple of old bugs I discovered this is still around. I've created a save file which can be loaded, and you'll see the behavior immediately nearby my dungeon structures. This is still true in 0.11.6 BT, and you can get the save game here: Save File

The situation is similar. There is a rally flag far away, but I placed it there in anticipation of a large army that had amassed due to a pathing issue which kept enemies spawned from the nearby portal from being able to reach me. A soon as a bridge is placed where I indicate below, all hell will break loose.

[Image: 2zCus.jpg]
This might be it, because I also got once pulverized by enemy waves stacked in a place that I cut off some time before.
Hmm, so can you say that this one is solved but that we need to add a suggestion about making enemies walk in groups?
Yeah, IMO idea of parties from DK games were quite a good idea to solve possible issues with blocking enemy way to our dungeon with ease.
I have another game where this is happening. It's on seed 28489. I have had many spawns already, and despite the counter saying lately there will be 2 Knights and 5 Rogues, all that comes at me is 5 Rogues. I've even traced back to the portal they spawned from and there's nothing there.

Here's a save file: Save File
Hmm I wonder if what's counter is saying is just wrong, I mean maybe it shows number of enemies for higher difficultly level than it's set for current game?
As I remember for Easy difficulty there should be only Rogues spawning for first waves.
I think this may be the case in reality. I'm not sure Knights are supposed to spawn that early in the game.

[Edit] So I was getting ready to test the new trade setup, so I went to take a portal. When I did both Knights and Rogues spawned in defense as expected, but then all future spawns on the timer now are spawning both creatures. It seems that maybe what's happening is that Knights don't get spawned until a portal has been captured.
This make much sense, capturing portals increases invaders number and power. Still IMO game should show that the next wave are only Rogues than change to Rogues + Knights after you capture at least first/one portal.
Oh absolutely. I think it's good that the game behaves this way until you actually capture a portal. By capturing the portal it is a good sign that the player is ready to assert themselves upon the surface world and start to generate threat. It would be good that the counter reflects that as well so you know what to expect.
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