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Full Version: 17.11.26 - Forum myBB updated from 1.6 to 1.8
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Forum myBB updated from 1.6 to 1.8

You may have noticed that the forum has been up and down today, the reason is that I updated myBB from 1.6 to 1.8. The update went smoothly but then I found some issues with that the current theme wasn't compatible with the new myBB. So it took a little longer to fix than I first thought.
The main reason for the update was that I've been getting reports that users that register don't get an activation mail sent to them. So I thought that it was time to update the forum. So now the mail activation is working again!

With this update there may come up some issues with the forum, I noticed one when I first was going to make a new thread, that the editor was really corrupted. So I had to replace it with a temporary one, it will be restored to the original as soon as I have some time over, but right now I just want to focus on getting the game bugs solved Wink

So, please report any issues you may find with the forum update and I will try to solve them asap.
If you click on the Rate link, which I'm guessing was supposed to replace the add rep link it removes the scrollbar, and you have to reload the page to be able to scroll again. Mouse wheel is also not able to scroll after that click. I'm using the latest version of Chrome
Hmm, I can confirm this. If you press ESC you get the scrollbar back again. It feels like it is some popup that is being blocked from being shown.
Thanks Rasmus for the update.

It seems that new forum version changed the location address of post buttons images folder - like reply, delete etc. Also quick edit post function doesn't work. Maybe it would be better to download a new theme and than makes some changes in CSS. I think I'll be able to do it before Christmas.

Previous one was based on this theme and it seems it got a new update for 1.8x version. Maybe user bar could be finally fixed thanks to this.
Nice Big Grin I totally agree Sebt, I'll add the new theme. But not until the steam release. Just updating mybb took way to many hours yesterday, and I want to prioritize the development.
The Quick Edit feature doesn't seem to be working. Full Edit does however.
Yeah, no icons for post options, no quick edit, can't also change the thread name by holding mouse button on thread name being in forum index. I think that would be solved with the new theme for new forum version. This one is outdated.
Yeah, I can't delete threads either. I made a mistake on one of my bug postings, and it says I don't have permission Huh
Yeah, I will see if I get the time to do it this week, but not sure...
I think a new theme will just do the job, so let's just wait till I add it.
So I've been updating the theme a bit. Unfortunately it was harder to get the right than I first thought.
So what still is urgently needed for are change are:
  • The button images
  • When clicking "View last posts" you get the wrong status icons.
  • Header background image
  • Drop down menus with links
  • The fonts

But I decided to make this theme public even if it isn't finished because it isn't broken as the old one was. So when I get some more time over I will continue getting this theme up to order Smile
Well I think this theme requires more tests, IMHO it's even more broken than previous one, because now it's really hard to find login field as well as text is showing up instead next to the profile picture and user info under the profile info. If you wait one more week I can get everything fixed. Tongue I found one theme rich in useful scripts and user-friendly, but it also requires some testing. Wink
So I've made some progress on the forum, the login field is now correct and some of the fonts has been fixed. I also replaced the blue button color to red, but the buttons will be replaced non the less in the end.
This theme was made for horizontal post layout so if someone see user info above post text than go to your User CP -->Edit options and uncheck "Display posts in classic mode", that should fix that.
Thank you Sebt Big Grin Hmm, I can't rate you still Undecided I need to look into what is causing that...
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