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Full Version: 0.11.18 - Additional armour appears when creature switches armour + drop on floor bug
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Basically when creature was ordered to change it's armour for another type - it firstly drop already wore armour on the floor, than go to the storage to take newly assigned armour. When it arrives at the storage it firstly puts on leather armour on itself (like on the picture below) than exchanges that leather armour with newly assigned armour.

[Image: 11ju102.jpg]
Thank you Smile I'll check it out, added to the list of Bugs/Issues & Crashes!
I'm not able to reproduce this either Undecided
In every case I change to manual armor and give the creature new armor this happens:
  • The creature keeps the old armor on and goes to the storage room where the new armor is.
  • The creature equips the new armor and the old armor gets transferred to the creatures hand.
  • The creature goes to the storage room flag and drops of the old armor

Do you have a specific save game that reproduces this issue. Perhaps it is when the armor is stored in another storage room than the dark mother?
It is in other storage than DM. I also hadn't changed equipping priorities, just clicked to switch current armour with that grey armour (click on grey armour in resource bar, than on smaller chest armour icon, where is that grey armour in the picture above), so I did that switching add grey armour being not in "Equip" bar, but in "Inv" bar in creature menu.
Ok, I will look into it, but I'm sorry I won't be able to fix this bug with the next version Sad