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Full Version: - Imps gets hickup when going to Storage Room with item
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Imps are behaving like they were trying to do something else than returning to Storage Room to put there held item. If you click on any Imp that holds an item you'll see that it's status changes from Returning to Room to Idle, but for a split second, than returns to Returning to Room status.

Save file: link
Map seed: 98765
Level difficulty: Easy
Thank you Smile I love save game reproducible bugs Tongue
Added to the list of Bugs/Issues & Crashes!
Is it possible for you to upload the save game again? It has expired Undecided
I'm afraid I can't, I don't have it anywhere else on my disc, but if you follow an Imp that is holding an item which want to put in storage room and the way is quite long sometimes you may see that it's status changes in a split of second to idle and the animation of walking Imp is for a split second broken.