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Full Version: Game mode - Campaign lvl 1 feedback
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The 1st tutorial campaign level looks awesome, cutscenes looks awesome, exactly as I imagined, graphic changes since 0.12 version made game even more lively, everything works very smooth, liked the random tiles that could be dug out optionally and that Impanzee at the end xD, fantastic job. Smile

There are some thing that I would like to see more clarified or just tweaked a little, nothing to add

  • Objectives - The only thing that change after you finish the objective is the text, but you may not noticed when it actually changed - what if the next objective could be signalized with something, like a single sound or objective title and acclamation mark could be flashing till the player click on it?;
  • Lvl 1 Intro camera - In the intro when DM is introducing and Imp and Piggeh camera is pointing out to the left than to the right side of DM, however sometimes there's no Imp or no Piggeh there, so camera is just pointing on the wall. Tongue What if you could implement that camera may be locked on target creature? In 1st lvl it could lock on the Imp when you start this campaign and follow it? Than after presenting an Imp the camera could change the target to specific Piggeh, than script unlocks camera for Piggeh and change camera view to the next which is on DM, what do you think?;
  • DM text visibility - I noticed that the text that is a DM speech is a little hard to read because there are other lighter objects nearby like bottom menu. I think if the text could be placed closer to the centre of the screen it would be more noticeable and clear (just where evil meter bar ends would be enough I think). Black text background could also have a little wider padding;
  • DM text longevity - The text that is appearing at the bottom of the screen supposedly to be DM's speech could be displayed for about 3 times longer. It's quite long and we're not given enough time to read it whole;
  • Outro - it's really nice done, the only thing I would change is to replace the colour of transition screen from white to black - white screen was too bright for my eyes. Moreover using black instead of white screen could give a nice transition to "Mission Completed" screen;
  • Camera resets itself when you click on creature - sometimes when you need to find certain creature and you don't want to exit your actual camera position, than it may made it impossible;
  • *Add "First Dig!" achievement - just though maybe we could give an achievement for the first steps in campaign? Achievement could be unlocked only in 1st lvl of campaign when you dig first tiles. This way you will be able to see how many players were actually interested in playing the campaign too.

Feature presentation:
  • Game speed change - I noticed that you can change game speed from 0x to 9x with "-" and "+" keys, but game nowhere told that you can do it - I would either disable that function for lvl 1 or notified the player about that possibility;
  • Mouse Trap - the DM text about Mouse Trap disappears a little too quick for me to read all, but making it appear 3 seconds longer could be enough;
  • Farm Room Gate - a gate that is shown to build on Farm Room faces opposite side that it should;
  • Brewing Vat - is there any creature in lvl 1 that need beer? If not maybe Brewing Vat could be introduced in the same level an Orc is being introduced?.

  • 1. Blue Flag - there's no explanation about what are Blue Flag - will they be explained further in next levels where you could manipulate them?;
  • 2. No info about Room Object's cost & no Resource Bar - there's no explanation that each of the Room Object needs certain amount of resources as well as no resource bar is showed - what if instead there could be shown a resource bar that only contains resources that are used to build certain room? - For example when Bar Table is introduced a Resource Bar could appear, but only show amount of Wood you have and than Ropes, stone etc. when each new Room Object is available to build;
  • 3. Peasant animation - do you plan to add some animation for human Peasants so we could see them doing their job on Farmland?
  • 4. Right now in game Main Menu --> Start Game we can see Campaign lvl under Sandbox Mode - do you plan organize campaign levels so to insert "Campaign" above "Sandbox", so when you click on "Campaign" you'll see campaign levels?
Like Sebt was saying it may be a good place to introduce game speed as well. You could do so during that first build so players know they don't have to wait so long for a construction to complete. Also, I think it should be suggested to build a second well in the Cookery since normally one well isn't going to be enough for Farm and Brewing.

I'm probably gonna run through it a few more times just to pick around at it for anything else, but so far so good. I hope at some point you could get some vocalizations for the text in these campaigns just to add a bit more flavor.


So it doesn't break anything in an extreme way, but players that don't follow the script may miss the Farm Land Gate creation if they dig out the map prior to the scenario calling for it.

Got an Impanzee to spawn by holding off completing all the Cookery constructions since the Brewing Vat was built. Not sure if that's supposed to happen.

"You have defeated your enemies" dialog seems out of place since there was no battle.
(10-02-2018, 06:51 PM)Mello Tonin Wrote: [ -> ]Got an Impanzee to spawn by holding off completing all the Cookery constructions since the Brewing Vat was built. Not sure if that's supposed to happen.

(10-02-2018, 01:20 PM)Rasmus Wrote: [ -> ]
  • Impanzee - First creature attracted by building a brewing vat - Then the spawn rate is depending on the amount of beer is being produced.

It seems now Impanzees are spawned by building a Brewing Vat, but you're right Mello, Impanzees shouldn't be spawned in such early level. I think there should be a script like in Dungeon Keeper maps that allows only those creatures to appear in this level that were added to a creature pool.
Yeah, I knew that the Brewing Vat affected the spawn which is why it triggered, but the first campaign says that only Imps and Piggehs are available.
Huh, I made typo, there should be "shouldn't be spawned" instead of "should be spawned", that is corrected, sorry for the confusion. Big Grin

BTW, what you said there:
(10-02-2018, 06:51 PM)Mello Tonin Wrote: [ -> ]So it doesn't break anything in an extreme way, but players that don't follow the script may miss the Farm Land Gate creation if they dig out the map prior to the scenario calling for it.

I can confirm this. I tried to check if something will bug out if I dig two tiles before they should be dug out when game objective would be to some tiles to make space for a Bedroom and what I got was two objectives: One to build a door in Farmland Fence and second was to dig out tiles for Bedroom.

I think objective for Bedroom should appear after you make door in Farmland regardless tiles that were dug out earlier in place where Bedroom should be built, right? I think that's easy to fix, just some variable that counts tiles could be used, so if all tiles for Bedroom were dug out (tiles=0) before Bedroom objective appears than it should skip objective to dug tiles and show to objective to build Bedroom straight away.

Also if some tiles were dug out earlier, but still are present to bi dug, than objective about to dig tiles to make space for Bedroom could mark on yellow only those that left.